check up and a TMI question

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check up and a TMI question

35 week checkup was this morning. BP 130/70, usually its alot lower but they werent too concerned. i gained 2 lbs. Kendra is doing well, HB where it normally is. first things she asked if i had any complaints. i told her that since yesterday my entire vaginal area was sore, kinda like i had some rough DTDing going out (which i dont). Its not sore to touch, more muscular type sore, and it is uncomfortable to sit as the soreness also goes towards the rear area as well. i figured it was just a normal symptom of pregnancy no big deal. glad i mentioned it. she checked me out, fortunately i had my GBS test too, and she said i have a mild yeast infection. She said since i am wearing panty liners and since its been so hot, that this is to be expected. so she called me in a prescription that i will pick up tonight. in the mean time, i am uncomfortable and getting more uncomfortable the more i sit in my chair.

And now to my very TMI questin, but im am NOT shy in the least so i will ask LOL

i know i am a little swollen in my girly area. everything down there is different and i have had a VERY difficult time climaxing the last month or so. DTD has been uncomfortable for months, but we were always successful at finding new ways to achieve the final result (LOL im trying so hard not to be blunt and filterless) now nothing works anymore, and when it does, it takes FOREVER. its at the point where it is just too much work. the thought of having none of it for the next 5 weeks and then another 6 or so after that is depressing however, it is what it is i guess LOL Anywho, the question is, can the swelling make such a difference that it makes climaxing near impossible?

i hope this isn too TMI for you ladies, but i had to ask and i just couldnt bring myself to ask my doctor this morning.

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Glad your appt went well overall. Sorry to hear about the yeast infection! It is common in the heat and pantyliners, but it sucks! lol. Hope it clears up fast and you are comfy sitting again.

I dont think I have any answers to your question... but I can say this time around DTD is very uncomfortable, for both of us , the past month. It sucks and I'm frustrated. (well, we both are lol). Its not climaxing, its DTD in general thats uncomfortable... and of course that makes climaxing non existent lol. But I'm swollen down there too. It Sucks.

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totally agree about climaxing. it does take FOREVER and i'm really only sucessful (sorry TMI) if its oral or if i do it myself.
we've not done it in awhile cause its so hard to maneuver aroud the belly.

i'm swollen down there as well. another joy of pregnancy!

and remember if your delivery is smooth and not too many stitches you can pretty much return to "activities" when you guys are ready you don't have to wait 6 weeks. totally up to you unless your doc says DO NOT

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I agree with pp. we haven't had success dtd in awhile as it hurts but I am able to get to the big o with manual stim or oral. I think once you aren't pg anymore and have recovered hopefully things will go back to normal. It may take awhile depending on how delivery goes. But I think all of this is totally normal.
My major problem with not being able to o or taking a lot of time is because I'm having dryness issues. This unfortunately can carry over with bfing but luckily with lube its not a problem.

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yep we have tried orally as well as our "bag of goodies" as we call them (hey, im a military wife Lol ) and nothing works, and if/when it does, it takes forever. its even at the point that DH isnt uncomfortable with DTD cause of all the inside changes so only certain positions work for him and they dont work for me. atleast one of us isnt frustrated LOL

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It totally does in my case! I'm always swollen at the end and it makes it very uncomfy-- also the yeast infection could be playing a part b/c I get really dry with them (weird, I know, I get no discharge and the only way I know I have one is I get really dry and irritated down there). The good news is-- if you don't tear or get cut during delivery, you'll heal pretty quick and even if you do, a lot of women do not wait 6 weeks-- it's just when you are ready. Smile I've waited over six weeks and i've been under the 6 week mark-- you'll know if you are ready.

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I have had on and off (mostly on) yeast infections for the entire pregnancy so I understand completely. I think we have only DTD 6 times during the entire pregnancy and b/c of the infection there has been no oral (that thought just grosses me out so I can only imagine what DH would think of that). I also have the dryness that is so bad that "assistance" does not even help for but a few minutes. I just keep telling both of us that it is worth it and someday we will get to play again.

I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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I'm with the other ladies. I think the swelling definitely has a lot to do with it. I've been unable to climax for a LOOOONG time now. It needs to be done manually for me at this point - I'm only able to O when on top, so that position has been removed from the play book for quite a while now! The swelling really doesn't make anything feel we've cut back a lot.

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Poor girl! I agree with PP. I hoe everything clears up and you get feeling better "down there".