Circulation problems / Carpal Tunnel / ???

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Circulation problems / Carpal Tunnel / ???

So yesterday my right wrist and hand were reallllllly sore. I thought maybe it was from the rain we had all weekend. But the pain didnt really go away and I started getting numbness in my fingers. This is similar to the carpal tunnel I got after 30 weeks with DS1, so I put my wrist brace on last night. Having it on hurt more for some reason... I kept it on as long as I could stand it and then took it off. I woke up several times in the night in agony and numb hands/fingers. I tried the brace for a while Finally got back to sleep and woke up sleeping on my right side and in more agony. It took a while to get the numbness to go away completely.

Today it was ok while I was teaching and not doing a lot with my wrist... I started typing and working on the computer at the end of the day - 15 minutes later my fingers were numb again. and thats WITH the wrist brace on. It still hurts, so I left work early and didnt do a lot once it started going numb again.

What should I do? Is there any point of calling my doc? Can they do anything? Its not unbearable pain right now (although at 4am it seems to be) and its just limiting at work... I know I can take tylenol if necessary, but otherwise what can be done? Any ideas for natural remedies?

also - I'll be lurking today/tonight, but may not post as typing sucks right now.

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Maybe try another/different wrist brace; maybe a bigger one? I started having horrible pain in my wrists and ended up going to a physical therapist. She said it's just a buildup of fluid because there is room in the wrist for it to build up. The wrist brace I got does help. At my dr appt yesterday the nurse noticed the brace and said it's common since I'm still on progesteron (sp?) due to the triplets.

Unfortunately, the pt didn't give me any other advice than a brace. I know the pain can be unbelievable so I hope you get some relief soon.

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When I saw the title of your post I immediately thought to myself - didn't she have that with DS - and then I read your post. I do remember you having problems with it last time.


I don't know what they can do for you but it sounds miserable. I hope you are able to get some relief soon.

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I would try a different type of brace first...they have one specifically made for carpal tunnel. if that doesnt work, i would go to the dr. You dont want that to be hurting once LO gets here and it be hard/painful to hold them.
Hope it gets better soon!!!