Comparing belly shots

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Comparing belly shots

I thought I would compare pics of now and with dd, thought for sure I was bigger this time, I may be wrong, lower this time thats for sure.
First is now at 21 weeks and Second is 21 weeks with dd

I just noticed my arm in the new picture, first warm sunny day was yesterday, so I spent time outside and got the first sunburn of the year. Figures.

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You look great!!! im only 3 week behind ya and i dont have a bump like that! im jealous Smile you just a smidge bigger in the first pic..

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You look a little bigger this time around to me too, but not by much. Cute bump!

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definately lower and tad bit bigger. Smile you look great!

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I couldn't tell much difference, but your belly is looking cute! Smile

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Yeah, a little bigger and definitely lower for sure.

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I wish my bump was as big! You look great Smile

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Very cute!

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sooo cute!!