Contraction Scare

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Contraction Scare

Sunday was a hard day at least for me. we had spicy food paired with corn on the cob for dinner on Saturday night. And I woke up okay and then after walking down to the water (think a few flights of steps) for awhile I had to go potty and that’s when things got interesting. I started having contractions, like the kind you have the stop and breathe through…..they didn’t radiate down though but it was enough to really scare me. I pushed through them and made breakfast and tried to eat. DH ate and started rubbing my belly. It eased up. He took the boys down to the water and MIL actually cleaned up for once and I went upstairs in the cool and read a book and rested for awhile. the contractions backed off. so basically I made sure I was hydrated (which I know I was) and rested. I had a few more on and off during the day but by evening all was better.

so do you think i over did it on Saturday? the spicy food? thoughts? i don't want that to happen again before its time. i'm only 32 weeks on Monday!

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Im glad they settled down for you!!

What did you do on Sat other than the spicy food? were you really active? Running around with the kids etc?
It could also just be a good dose of BH... your body gearing up. If it continues again I'd maybe see a doc to make sure nothings happening if youre worried. But if its not constant enough to think it might actually be doing anything then you might just want to keep resting.
Sorry Im not much help... get lots of fluids and rest!!!


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i was busy with the kids and several trips up and down the stairs.
and i was anxious about the impending arrival of the dreaded in-laws.
i thought i drank enough for the heat, at least 120oz of water. i don't know. but i didn't take a "rest" time either during the day.

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its possible it was just too much for you, especially with the heat.
:bighug: try not to stress about the inlaws. i know thats REALLY hard. Take a break when you can get it and put your feet up.

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I had the same thing saturday, and I know I had enough water...I'm wondering if it was maybe the heat in general?? I know the nurses said that the weather will do that and that was after they said I was definitely hydrated. I'm glad they eased up!

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Take it easy and I'm glad the contrax eased up!

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I had no idea spicy food could play a role in contractions. My guess is the stairs are the culprit! But relaxing would be a good thing for you for sure.

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Running up and down stairs whips my tail real fast! i did this last weekend and i had BH for the rest of the day. luckily, the steps lead to the basement, so now i have an excuse toavoiding the basement Smile

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Definately sounds like you overdid it a bit! Take it easy! Smile

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ditto on what everyone else said. try and take it easy and as my MW says if you think you have had enough water drink another glass. lol

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