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With fall right around the corner (the offical autumn begins next weekend), it's got me thinking about Halloween.
What will you be dressing up your LO's as? I think i'm going to do a peacock, cuz i have a tutu and and a hair bow that is a peacock feather. I think i'm going to get a black onsie and maybe black leggings....haven't decided if i should do orange leggies - to be like the legs or if i should just do black.

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We have a white tiger costume that would be cute on her. and Isaac has a matching one. so then we're thinking about putting the oldest in a lion tamer costume. talk about cute!
but then again..... maybe a lady bug. Smile

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I think Sidney is going to be a bumblebee, I have a cute costume from when DD1 was smaller. I should probably make sure it fits sometime soon though!
DD1 is going to be Snow White... She saw a costume at costco and fell in love. I guess S could always be a dwarf or something if the bee costume is too small!