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so i have been having period type cramps all morning. havent been keeping track of the timing at all, but the cramps them selves last for quite a while. my last one lasted about 10 minutes, but i dont know how far it was in between them. occasional i get a little pain in my lower back too. im sure its nothing to worry about. i've been drinking water, i cant lay down as im at work Sad and i have been taking it pretty easy today while i've been at work. if they continue i will start timing them i guess. could this be BH? i know many have already discussed this but its different when its you. luckiy i have my check up tomorrow morning so i will make sure to mention it to my dr then.

oh the joys of 3rd trimester LOL

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I having the cramping too. Told my MW AND OF COURSE SHE says its normal. I get checked and Nothing is going on. Even though you are drinking water I'll say Drink More

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If they are 10 mins long I'd say BH. I don't think "real" contractions last that long without letting up. Hope it goes away for you!

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yeah that is what i figured too. so far i havent had any cramping so i wanted to make sure. Shug a lug lug ladies

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yeah i was going to say that too. keep drinking. its always possible that you've got a UTI or bladder infection. but i'm guessing more its just BH. try to put your feet up under your desk (turn your trash can over) and breathe deeply

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With cramps I would worry if it was accompanied by blood. I don’t think I’ve ever had BH that lasted 10 min though. Hope they subside. More water can never hurt either though.

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I'm with the others and think its a cramp... BHs are usually shorter...
Yesterday I had cramps too for like an hour at midnight (after a long day, plus a lot of walking and going to a concert lol) so I just over did it. I was fine overnight and this morning.

Like others say, drink more water... lol... are you sick of hearing that yet? I know I am. lol... but it helps. and put your feet up when possible. Smile

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I don't have any advice...I just hope you're feeling better today!

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