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DH and I will start going hard and heavy on the nursery after Thursday when we have our gender scan. We have been back and forth on Convertible cribs. His friends say they aren't worth it and their wives say that's because they are too lazy and don't want to change them to the toddler bed.

I was wondering if anyone had any bad or good experiences with them. Is it worth it to get a convertible crib.

Also if anyone has any suggestions on getting rid of this dang dry, itchy skin, I wil love you forever!

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Our crib is a convertible; we didn’t use it as a toddler bed. We wanted something not as bulky for a toddler bed. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to turn a convertible into a toddler bed though? I think it’s just a matter of changing out the front portion to a rail guard (ours came with it, although some you may need to purchase it separately). We are using the crib for our second child and will probably skip the toddler bed portion again, but use it when we need a head board for a full sized bed. The crib was a gift, but if I were to pick one out, I would go with the safest one on the market with lots of good user reviews. I would say, it isn’t important to have a convertible, but convenient. Have fun shopping!

Good luck with the dry skin. I’ve heard wonders about Coco butter lotion.

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My question with the convertable is are you going to have more kids during the span of time that you'd need the toddler bed?
We never bothered with teh toddler bed. we put the crib mattress on teh floor for a week or two and then put the twin set on the floor for a few months. We used a long large stuffed catipelear as a side bumper. and after that we put the mattress set in the frame. it worked really well and not toddler bed necessary.

As for your dry skin. Don't rub your skin dry after you shower, pat it dry and with damp skin use Eucerin (or the generic, it comes in a tub and is super thick and rub it in. if its on your hands do it extra think and then put on sweat socks (inside out) over night and it will help tons.
my son has eczema really bad as a little kid and that's what the doc had us do. you can also try oatmeal baths. it helps alot with the itchy dry part.

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We have a convertible crib for DD. When she was about 2.5, I took the side off. She LOVED being able to climb in and out of bed on her own, and only fell out of bed once on the first night (and the distance from bed to floor is so little, she wasn't hurt).

I'd like to transition her to a twin bed, but DH for some reason wants to just go straight to a full.

Not totally necessary to get a convertible, but it's worked well for us. Takes up less space than a twin, too.

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we have a convertible crib and LOVED it with dd, i'm sure we'll love it just as much with alex. it is very sturdy as a crib or as a toddler bed, we've never converted it into the single bed yet but it will also convert into that. i'm not so sure it'd be very sturdy as a single bed but i dunno... Smile

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I guess it just depends on the family. It never would have made sense for us. We needed the crib right after DD1 was out of it, when DD2 moved out of it we moved her into the toddler bed we got for DD1 (and now the girls are in bunk beds, we wouldn't have room for a full size bed and most convertibles don't transition into a twin) and DS will be in his crib also when this baby needs it. I guess if you were going to plan on getting each of your children their own crib and then have room for them to have their own rooms it might be okay. If my mom wouldn't have bought DD1 a toddler bed we would have just transitioned to a big bed, I don't think they are all that necessary since you can get a bed rail and then use the bed they'll use longer term. We probably won't even use the toddler bed for DS, we plan on just getting him a twin this winter. (we're buying a mini crib for this baby)

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Just eye prices carefully with the convertibles, because with a lot of them you have to buy the bed rails separate and they're not cheap.

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I havent had any experience with it yet as i am a first-timer, but i plan on getting the covertible crib! I thinks it just more convenient, as well as money saving. You dont have to go buy a new bed Smile

Ive been using Cocoa butter lotion on mine. It helps with the dryness, but not so much with the itchyness...

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We bought DD a convertable crib. We just went ahead and bought her nice, matching furniture up front so she can use it and take it with her when she moves out (if she hasn't completely destroyed it by then. Wink ). For us it just made sense. We knew we wanted two kiddos back to back, so DD would still be in her crib when the 2nd baby came along anyway. We'll buy the next baby a crib that matches DD's room, and when they're old enough to ask/want to be in seperate rooms, we'll move one out, and buy baby #2 a nice bedroom suite as well.

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We ordered a convertable crib, dressing table(the dresser kind) and a stand up dresser on sunday Smile This is our only baby and the plan is for her to use it indefinately. I use Olay Quench lotion. it works miracles on my itchy skin, and i have severely itchy skin. I cant wait to know your babies gender!

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We bought a convertable for our son, and it seemed like the best option at the time... But I dont really LOVE it... I love the crib part.. but it's kind of a pain to turn it to the toddler bed and then have the chance they dont want to sleep in it... to have to put it back...

We were given a toddler bed, so I just put that in his room and if he wont go to sleep on the toddler I put him back in crib... plus I plan on using his crib for the next baby... so he'll need a twin bed before he uses the full... and IDK I just don't think a little kid needs a "full" size bed?? I just picture getting him a cute twin set and never using the full setting... PLUS.. by the time they do get to use a full size bed... theres chew marks/dents/scrapes all over the crib.... so I'd rather of bought a cheaper non-converting crib, and then but a new larger bed?

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We had a convertible crib with dd, which I thought would be a good option but turned out not to be. First it was recalled so we never got the opportunity to use it as a toddler bed, second it was too high off the ground to use as a toddler bed, she would have needed a stool to get into it. This time I plan to just get a fixed crib and then will move them to a toddler or twin when the time comes.

I love Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion, I get these awful dry patches on my arms in the summer, its the only thing that has helped and it has helped my itchy tummy too.