crystal light....

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crystal light....

well since I failed my gd test I've been drinking more water, and fell in love with crystal light... but have heard it's not safe to drink while pg because of the sweetner in it? I've researched and found many different answers what do ladies think? I go to the dr on Tuesday and plan to ask her, but was just wondering what you ladies think. On a side note since my diet changes I have lost nearly 3 lbs!!!!! my weight gain is about 8 lbs so far!!! BIG difference from my first 2 pregnancies......and don't worry, I was a bit "thick" to start with so I should be good.

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No clue but I'm interested in what the doctor says.

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I avoid aspartame (and any artificial sweetener) because the safety of it isn't really clinically proven for pregnancy. Some sources say it's "considered" safe, but many have some convincing evidence that it's best to avoid it.
But that's just my personal decision. Smile

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I also avoid artificial sweeteners. If you really like it I'd ask your dr. I've never been told by a dr to avoid them specifically during pregnancy, I avoid them all the time pregnant or not because of the adverse affects I've heard about them.

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Just a personal thing - I avoid aspartame at any time - pregnant or not. Theres a lot of studies about its bad effects... and personally after drinking it I get headaches and feel sick. So I always avoid it, and dont feed it to my son. But I know many who disagree with me. Its one of those personal things I think.
ONe of the major things to think about is the chemicals and artificial sweetners - and thats what many studies are proving or disproving... If I were you, I'd do some research and def talk to your doc.

On another note - congrats on the diet change and weight loss!

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Sometimes water just quenches my thirst better anyway...Good news about the weight!

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I have heard the same thing on the crystal light. I had a few about mid-pregnancy but nothing since after hearing it. i prolly wouldn't drink them.
I've only gained 8 lbs. too!!! b/c i lost two... lol

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It does not bother me to drink artifical sweeteners.

In fact, it is my job to make them and I am completely comfortable with them. I do realize they are not popular with the general market right now though.

I would do whatever you are comfortable with.

Good job on the weight gain!!!

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I don't drink anything artificial, don't eat processed foods, etc (yeah, I know, I'm crazy ;)). That being said, when I was pregnant with DD I had a strong aversion to water for some reason and always wanted Kool-Aid to DH bought some crystal light instead and I drank it by the gallons, I swear. I had no issues with my pregnancy, DD came out healthy as can be, and ceased drinking it once I got over that phase. I would obviously advocate to stay away from anything "fake", but honestly, if that's what you want to drink and it makes you happy right now - go for it! Smile

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My mom told me that the artifcial ones like Sweet n low you should avoid, but like Splenda and Truvia were fine, as they are more natural. But then again they say to try to avoid too much sweet n low and those kind of things whether preggo or who really knows! I know they have those power packets you can mix in your water that are made with Splenda, so maybe search for those??

Hope this helps!

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I've only used splenda a few times since I've been pg. I'd really like to know what your dr says though.

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Splenda in moderation should be fine. Just because it's an artificial sweetener, your body can get tricked into thinking that it's sugar and release insulin even though there really is no sugar present. Plain water is best but I get tired of drinking that so I will used the Crystal Light packets on occasion.