Date Night!

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Date Night!

Last night I planned a date night for DH and I. He was working some overtime, so I took the kids to my parents. They had them for dinner and brought them back to our place and put DS1 to bed.

DH and I had some "alone" time at home (MUCH needed) and then headed out to dinner and a movie. It was the best thing we could have done. We saw a comedy, laughed our heads off and ate too much.
It was one of those things we probably shouldnt have done financially, but we couldnt afford NOT to do it for our mental state of minds. We both feel so refreshed and facing various stresses (in law issues, DH's work etc) seemed much easier today.

I really recommend every single one of you do this. Even if the "date" means a saturday afternoon without kids cuddled on the couch watching a favorite movie and eating popcorn. Send the kids to grandparents, friends, siblings, etc, someone you trust, and take TIME for yourself and DH.

I feel like a whole new person today, and DH does too.

I know its easier for us since I am not BFing, but you can pump... or even if you have dinner, go back to feed baby, and then do a movie. Figure something out!

*ok done my soapbox rant*

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I just had a date night this weekend too and I have to agree, It IS a must! I feel so much better too!

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i love how you had "alone" time before dinner and a movie LOL Good for you!

the only alone time, and by alone time i mean no kids within 20 feet of us, is a hot bubble bath that we have taken twice this week Lol

Glad you had a good day with DH!!

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Since DH and I are having babysitter issues, we plan out our date nights way advance and have something to look forward to. It's important for me as a stay at home mom to have something to look forward to.

We do try to every night to take 20-30 minutes of time for each other - no picking up the house, no washing bottles, no baby or work talk. Just us laughing at nonsense and relaxing. It really helps.

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DH's birthday was Saturday, so we had my parents take the boys. We took Evie with us to dinner and then had to feed her and then we played cards at home.

When we left the boys, Daniel had a meltdown and was acting like he had no clue who my parents were (we see them about once a week) and I left in almost tears because I wasn't sure how long he'd scream for them. Dinner was ruined by the fact that he picked a restaurant that happened to have a Gluten-Free menu, but no Dairy-Free menu or even hints as to something on the menu that was dairy free. So I was not exactly in a pleasant mood. DH said "maybe we should have gone bowling instead, cause going out to eat with you isn't fun anymore." Sad

I would have suggested we go do that, but we had Evie with us!!!

I have more vents about our "date" but I will just skip it. Needless to say, our date was not effective. I look forward to the Company Christmas party. I will HAVE to pump for Evie for that one cause no kids are allowed.

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"LauraMae78" wrote:

i love how you had "alone" time before dinner and a movie LOL Good for you!

Coming home without kids, food was NOT foremost on our minds! lol!!! I called it a backwards date. ROFL