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Hoping someone will answer...this board is soooooo quiet now. Anyways, my daugther is leaking through the 12hr pampers diapers over night. So i switched to huggies overnights and went a size bigger... she seems to be having a skin reaction to these diapers though...... we normally use the pampers senstive. We tried luv's once, but she had a similar reaction (a really icky red rash all over her diaper area)... She seemed okay with the pampers 12 hr, and i went a size bigger there too, but she still leaks all over..... I'm not sure what other diapers i can use and am thinking of going cloth for overnight....but not sure where to even begin or how to even do it. I really don't want more work for me ....although i suppose it's no different then changing her bed every morning... ideas?

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I had this issue with DD1 mostly because she slept on her tummy with her butt in the air so after a while the front of the diaper just couldn't hold anymore. I tried different diapers and sizes and eventually just started putting her to bed with a regular diaper on and then changing her to an overnight diaper when I went to bed (about 3-4 hours later). Luckily for me she was a sound sleeper and I never had issues with her waking up or staying awake. Not the most convenient, but better than having to do laundry everyday!

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We use the members mark diapers with Eve (and did with the boys as well) with no issues.
have you tried by chance using a pull-up? they've got an overnight brand of those that hold more.
my other thought would be to put her in her diaper and then a pull-up over top OR getting one of those plastic pants covers (like you'd use for potty training). it might help keep everything more dry.

good luck!!