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This is something we did on my old birth board and is popular across the boards-- DITLO stands for "Day in the Life Of"-- basically, you take pictures of your day and post it to here with descriptions on how your typical day goes. We do it now to see how our lives w/o our new additions are and then again after they are born-- usually around 6 months when things have settled into a good routine. Then, every year after that to see how much everything changes. It is a bit time consuming but it's soooooooooooooooo much fun! Who's game????? I'll start a sign-up. Smile
Here are some examples from other boards-- I hope they don't mind me linking, I've already removed all the pictures from my old DITLO otherwise I'd just post it.



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I did this before and it was a lot of fun. I'm totally game!

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This is so cute! My life right now would be like 3 pictures though lol. My desk at work, my couch at home, and my bed lol. Its just me and my boyfriend and the dog right now Smile

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I'm game! Loved doing this for DS. We never did one before baby though.. I kinda like that idea.

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I'm game, thats always fun.