Do you remember how many newborn Diapers you used?

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Do you remember how many newborn Diapers you used?

With my last son i counted how many boxes i used and the total newborn Diapers i used was around 220.

So as of now i have 2 boxes of the 84 count of newborn swaddlers which is 168 and see where that take me.

i think If I get another box I'll have to many (252). So i'll Prob just get a smaller pack of 40.
making it 208 plus what I'll have given to me in the hospital.

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The statistics that I looked up show that babies average 500 diapers the first two months (so approx 250 per month). I think it depends on how big they are when born how many to buy of what size.

For the twins I guess they would be born a smaller size than DD and be in NB size for about 1 month. Using 250 per month times two babies I ended up buying 500 NB diapers.

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I was thinking about this the other day and, gosh, I can't remember! I've bought a few cloth diapers (bumGenius and Bumkins) just to see how I like them, but I need some sposies too. Hmmm...

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I was wondering that the other day as well. Honestly, I have no idea how many newborn diapers we used for DS.

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I have no idea how many diapers we used for the first month or 2.

that said, I know we used ZERO NB diapers, as DS was right into size 1s. lol.

I wont buy any diapers for this LO until after we move. Then I'll stock up. Wink

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i think pampers run a lil small .. and if they just fit then they tend to leak more.

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It has been entirely to long for me. All I can remember is that I used alot.

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We used sposies until DS was 2 weeks old (so about 140 if you go by 10 a day which is pretty normal, maybe 150 if you count those early changes where they pee/poop right as you are putting the new diaper on Lol ) and then just at night, we'd use maybe 3 or so. So for me, I'd guess around 200-225? He was about 8lbs at one month old and I'm pretty sure he outgrew newborn diapers somewhere around there, I always size up before the package says to though, they are just more absorbant in the bigger sizes and since I only use them at night they are in them a little longer.