double digits

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double digits

WHOO HOOOO!!!! i'm finally in double digits. I'm at the tail end of the month so i'm pretty sure now that all the Mommas are in the doubles now.
This is sooooo cool guys!!!!

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Mine just changed to double digits too!

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YAY! Smile We're getting close!

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yay congrats!!!!

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Woo hoo!!! So excited for you!!! I was sooo excited when i hit that 99 days left mark!! Now its in the 70's and its scary lol

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i posted something very close to this over in Sept boards, but i will be double digits tomorrow!! :woohoo:

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I know! It seems so much closer once you get down to the double digits doesn't it?

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It's getting to be somewhat surreal. I lurk on the June boards and several of them are having babies this week....We're only two months behind them. So exciting, but scary at the same time.

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i remember hitting the double's with our first, and i feel like once that happened the next thing i knew we were holding him!! time is literally flying!