double edge sword....kinda ot

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double edge sword....kinda ot

as excited as I am for August and our LO's to dd will start kindergarten too. Sad she's my first going off to school and it's about to kill me. I've even tried to talk her into homeschool and she wants to "try kgarten" she says Sad anyone have any pointers for me? and how NOT to have a breakdown and become a bawl bag following the bus to school everyday!

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I dont have any pointers Sad I think I'll probably be the same.
I guess the only thing I can sort of relate to is daycare... does she go to daycare or a sitter or even to her grandparents or somewhere for a few hours? How does she handle that? Hopefully its a sign of how she will deal with it.

As for you... I think its a matter of letting go. I cant help with that age, but when I went back to work after DS I was a mess for a while. Every time I had to leave him... but it got better. Now I love picking him up and seeing him light up and call "mommy" when he sees me. he even sometimes tries to tell me about his day, I'll ask if he had fun and he will start babbling a mile a minute, even if it is just gibberish now.
Try to Think about the good things that will come... her telling you what she learned, or who she met, or what she did. Its hard to let go, but theres so many good things to come for her and you too.

Also, when DH drops him off in the morning at our sitters DS will actually say "bye" and shut the door... lol... but we know hes happy there and enjoys it. So hopefully it will be a positive experience and she'll be happy going and you'll be happier dropping her off.

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I would cry my eyes out. I know that helps, lol.

A friend of mine started with taking an hour after school to have a "mommy and me" date. After she had her twins, she had a mommy and me day on a Saturday or Sunday for a few hours. That way they still had the time together and something too look forward to during the week.

Hope it helps. :bigarmhug:

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No pointers, I'm in the same boat. Losing my first born for most of the day and gaining another baby boy, I feel like I'm replacing Zach. (I know, that's dramatic but I'm horomonal.) It's just overwhelming for me to think I'm having a baby and two weeks later, I'm sending my baby off to school all day. Sad

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I'd be an emotional mess - not that that helps. Wink

I get all upset thinking that as badly as I want this baby here, that means flashing forward 2.5 months of my daughter's life and *that* seems tragic, ha ha. So I could only imagine if I was also going to be sending her off to school at the same time.

Hang in there, momma. I'm sure it will be great, and you'll probably even appreciate it some because it will give you some special time with the baby that you wouldn't otherwise get perhaps. And your DD will be having tons of fun!

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thanks ladies! she did go to preschool for 2 yrs, but it was only 3 days/week for a few hours. I didn't mention that ds is gonna start preschool too! August is gonna be a busy emotional mess! haha