Double strollers...

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Double strollers...

I went looking today for a stroller. For some reason my feeling of not being prepared translates into "I need a stroller NOW". lol... so, off I go with DH and DS to look at strollers.

I'll be honest. I havent done a lot of homework - I'm not normally one to order them online. I like to look at it, try it out and go from there. There arent a lot of places here either. (BRU and Sears are the major stores, and then walmart which normally has even smaller selections. I havent done the used route yet - honestly if our graco travel system stroller broke in less than 2 years with normal wear and tear (wheels dont properly turn, makes steering a pain) then I'm not sure I want to try a used one. My luck it'll break in a few months.

Anyway, Heres the problem - most of the ones we saw today at BRU and sears have a max weight for both seats at 40 lbs. DS is 22m and based on the scale at BRU today is about 37lbs. Whats the point of getting a double stroller or a sit and stand if the weight limit is 3lbs more than he is???!!! The ONLY one that had a higher limit is like $700, and I'm sorry but I wont pay that.
The one we got when DS was born is a travel system, it was almost 400 because it was the one with the higher weight capacity (car seat goes to 35lbs and stroller goes to 50 or 55lbs). DS was 30lbs at a year. Umbrella strollers were USELESS with him as most have a max weight of 25 or 30 lbs.

What brand has a higher weight capacity and isnt a piece of crap stroller?!
Where can I find it?! and Please tell me its under $700....


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I'm getting the Sit n Stand stroller. The reviews I read were pretty good. Honestly, I didn't do a ton of research on them except what I saw on BRU.

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I don't know the weight limits on many strollers but I will say I *hated* our tandem stroller with my first two. Absolutely hated it and would never buy one again. I'm going with a double jogging stroller this time for at home, when we're out I'm going to just try to babywear and let DS stay in the single stroller until he doesn't need to anymore. My older kids weren't even in strollers very long, by 3 they were definitely no longer in a stroller and considering DS will be 2.5 by next summer (I really don't use strollers much during the winter) I'm thinking we might be able to get away without one and if we do I just plan on getting a cheap side by side umbrella stroller at that point.

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my son is 40 lbs and i've never had an issue with him in the stroller. we've got teh Chicco brand (which i adore) and its been fine when he INSISITS that he has to ride. he's sat in teh umbrella too and been fine other than hard to push. so maybe the weight is not that big of a deal?

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We have a sit and stand but I hate double strollers! I plan on wearing this baby in a wrap and putting DS and DD in one of those wagons with the cup holders and seats in it for the fall festivals coming up.

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I have given up finding a stroller that will fit the twins and DD. They are just too expensive. I gave up finding a stroller for the twins two. I ended up with a double snap and go for the twins until they are 1 so I can just use thier carrier. At 1, I will get them a double umbrella stroller.

I can't afford the fancy strollers for multiple children.

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I have a Babytrend double jogger that I bought for $30 on CL and it is still doing great. In fact it stays outside because that is all I ever do with it- push the kids down the road and around the pasture. For $30, I don't worry about it getting dirty or whatever. But it's too bulky to lug around to malls, events, etc.
For taking other places, I have an Aria Twin. They are about $350 new ( I bought mine used for $180). I LOVE it. It is so lightweight and easy to use. The seats are designed to hold 45 lbs each. They've redesigned it this year and now one seat is actually a little wider than the other. I don't know how I'd like the new design, but I like the one I have (2009 model). It is narrow enough that it fits through a standard door.
The problem is that you don't really know what you'll like until you use it. I thought I'd rather have a front/back one, but upon the recommendation of a lady who had twins, I bought the Aria instead.
Good luck!