Dr. Appt - in hospital

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Dr. Appt - in hospital

just had cervil (sp) to soften my cervix. They start poticin (sp) at 3 am and break water at 7 am. This is b/c blood pressure was a bit high


I just earned myself a trip to the doctor's office! I woke up at 3:30 with shortness of breath, light headedness and headaches.

We called the doctor about 6:30 when I still couldn't catch my breath and he had said thay it's normal. But them he called back and wanted me in to check my blood pressure and go over the disorentaion and to see how bad my breathing was.

Yay for Mondays!!

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Hope everything is ok! Kup!

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I'm only a cm. They are doing a full blood panel, chest xrays and going to take bp every 10 minutes, and monitor Lizzie. If bp remains high they are inducing.

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Looking for your update to see if you are mentioning having her tonight Biggrin

Can't wait to meet Lizzie - we will see you tonight hopefully!

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I'm 1 cm - she isn't coming tonight

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Thinking of you.

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Good luck, I hope everything goes OK for you and baby!

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Good luck!

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