Dreaming of contractions...

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Dreaming of contractions...

Hey girls...getting crazy busy here...baby shower next Saturday, just picked up crib yesterday, gotta put it together...MIL arriving mid next week for shower and DH surprise bday (same day)...belly getting tougher and baby getting bigger!

Getting at the point now where I'm still enjoying the pregnancy but kinda over it at the same time...not sleeping well at night at all, up every 30 mins to pee or stretch or something!

Even started to explain that 'I'm turning the fundus around to the other side' when DH asks if I'm ok at night! Gaaaaah....

Also dreamt last night that I was having contractions and my belly was really stiff and tight...funny thing is I'm not sure if it was a dream or not...!

Who else is going mad? How are you all?

I'm sooooo ready to have this baby!

And we're actually far from READY ready...if you know what I mean.

See, I'm going nuts! Lol

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I am having the same ones! Well again like you not sure if they are dreams or not. I even woke up in the middle of the night and took my fav pj pants off cuz i didnt want my water to break all over them!! LOL! I know im not due for a little bit, but I keep thinking/dreaming that its happening.
I am very ready too! I wont say that im sick of being pregnant like so many women say, because i have really enjoyed it, and have had a pretty easy time...im just SUPER excited, and I just want to meet her soo bad!!
And my poor SO. Every time i say ow, or make a grunt at night, he always wakes up and is like "are you okay!?" or "what?, whats wrong?!", like he thinks i am in labor. I know he is just gonna be all to pieces and frantic when the time comes. I am hoping not, bcuz if he is, then i will be lol.

Not too much longer tho!! Less than 40 days for you!! I hope the madness subsides a bit!! Smile

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Dreams can be funny, but most of the time i haven't been getting enough sleep to dream anything.

I am like ruby, I have really enjoyed being pregnant for the most part. I can't complain too much.

Dh is getting really excited, he seems to be more ready than I am at times. I still feel like there is much more to be done before baby arrives. I am still waiting to do the big shopping trip, we could make do with what we have but, i really want some of the major items before baby comes.

I am still worried i won't know i am in labor, lol i know first timer, does contractions really feel like cramps?

everyone keeps saying i will just know, and since I want to labor at home as much as possible when do i know to go to the hospital?

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Lol, no same here, really enjoyed this pregnancy much to his surprise...his ex gave him a hard time being so...I dunno...a very needy, in constant 'pain' pregnant woman...so with me he thought I'd be the same or all pregnant women are the same. Um, no!

Just wanna hold her now...and stare at her face and chew on her feet!

Funny, this morning I made the mistake of stretching my leg before I got out of bed and screamed when I got a cramp in my calf muscle. Made me sit up so quick, he woke up exactly like your man Crystal and was like "wha...what, you OK?!"

I said, I got a cramp in my leg and was wincing and he was all 'oh, I thought you were in labour! God!'

And yeah ladies...not long now...so exciting!
Shoob x

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I have dreams about contractions too. Many times I wake up and my back is hurting either from a contraction or from needing to change positions. It's funny how our minds work.
You're not along on being ready. I'm pretty much ready too. Once I hit 37 weeks this Saturday, I am READY. I don't mind being pregnant this time and I actually enjoy these last few weeks of excitement and wondering when "it" will happen, but it does get pretty uncomfy!
Glad you're enjoying your pregnancy. I can't wait to hear how your DH does when you're in labor Smile

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Me Me!! i'm ready and uncomfy!

I'm also doing the contraction thing and having the weirdest dreams. The other night I had a dream that I got up to pee and had pressure in my bum so thought I had to doo doo but when I went to "squeeze" I actually pushed the baby out in the toilet 'I didn't know I was pregnant' style!! I woke up totally freaked!

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Yeah, there will definitely be an update once the pushing starts!

Look forward to ALL your stories!!


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I'm starting to get really uncomfortable and I'm a few weeks behind you guys. My hands are always numb and the swelling in my feet (and now my hands) is crazy! I wake up with pain at night and having the dreaming about being in or labor. Inhad such a realistic dream about it the other day, I woke up DH and said Imhave to pack we need to go to hospital now, lol.