Dresser for Baby Ben! :-)

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Dresser for Baby Ben! :-)

I finally found a dresser for Baby Ben and I'm sooo excited I can finally put away some of DS's clothes that are now Ben's! I have been scouring craigslist for two months looking for something; it always seemed as soon as I found something someone got it first! I totally stalked the owners of this one!

on a side note.... -Veronica... I won't be buying anything else either (other than a bedding & a mattress, DS is still in a toddler bed with his bedding), I'm using DS's crib and most of the other gear I got with him. I wouldn't have gotten anything besides clothes if it was a girl either. If I had money growing on a tree I might have gotten new stuff, but I love seeing the stuff from DS that relatives picked out and gave to me. Dirol And because I have a plethera of boys all two years and under in our family I have donated clothes up the..ying yang? Smile I'll post pics of some of my faves!


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I like that
i need something like that
I like the hutch on top can put that baby stuff you use every day on it...
Im going to look for one on CL

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Very nice! I have been scouring CL also and the same thing happens to me whenever I find something I like. Congrats!!

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Nice! I would love to have something like that in the kid's room but I have to be picky cause the dormer, so their ceiling is slanted Sad CL is the way to go with things like that, I have been watching for one too.

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that is awesome! it has room for everything! books, a lamp, some canvas storage cubes-- great find! Smile

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Very nice! I love a good deal. I've been trying to score a Bob Duallie on CL for weeks now, but I'm always second place.

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I love it!! I really like the hutch on top. Wish we had something like that.

And glad I'm not the only one!

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That's really nice. I've been scouring CL also. Think Ive found some good stuff on there. Can't really buy anything yet. At least not until we get a bigger place.

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