driving me craaaaaaazzzzzyyyyy! (vent)

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driving me craaaaaaazzzzzyyyyy! (vent)

Today when I went to my dr appt I left DS with my parents.

When I got back and told my mom about the appt and that I'm already starting to dilate, she went into a fit about not being able to leave me. Pardon?! Yes, my husband works afternoon shifts until midnight. I think as an adult, I can handle myself at home, thanks. But she was all ready to cancel the plans they made to go out (about 30-40 min away) because "I could go into labor at any minute" ... *facepalm*

Finally I convinced her to go and I would text and call if something happened. Anyway, she wanted to take me out to dinner first, so we went out. At the restaurant, she knocked over a half full glass of wine all over the table, and told the waitress she was jittery because I could "go at any moment" .... at least they gave her another glass of wine for free!!! lol I think she needs more than that...

Anyway, shes been texting me every hour or 2 to make sure I'm ok. I'm like just GO and enjoy. Obviously shes going to be the 2nd person I call (first being DH at work lol) if I go into labor b/c shes the one coming to watch DS... so CHILL already and when it happens I'll let ya know. She originally wanted me to text her every 10-15 minutes and I'm like uh NO! and dad rolled his eyes. lol!

ARGH !! Anyone else dealing with crazy family or friends obsessing over baby? I know its because she cares, but geez... its annoying!!!

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Eh, I get the opposite. Everyone in my family goes past their EDD (except me) and so I don't think anyone expects me to go for another few weeks (which could always happen, of course). My mom will ask about my appts if I happen to talk to her that day, but that's about it.
Sorry she's driving you nuts. I would go crazy too. Especially since it only makes you THAT much more aware of the fact that you're NOT in labor, LOL.

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"countrygirl83" wrote:

especially since it only makes you that much more aware of the fact that you're not in labor, lol.



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I'm dealing with dh every time I make a noise asking if my water broke. and now my boss has started doing it too, I can't get a break from it! They are both stressing out about it, dh keeps asking if I have a bag packed in case he needs to grab it. My boss asked today what he should do if I go into labor, um don't worry about it theres several other people who work here who won't freak out about it, lol! Can't wait till Wednesday, then I won't here about it anymore.

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my mom has been driving me crazy, too! i'm like geez woman (i don't really call her woman, lol), i can't relax enough to go into a good labor around you!

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you guys are cracking me up. not that its funny but i guess how lucky i've been that with either of my previous pregnancies and its too early yet with this one, i only get the how ya feeling adn how's baby.
i guess its cause my Mom lives 9 hours away and she works so it is what it is. we've got a cascade of people ready and willing to watch the boys for us so i'm actually pretty calm about that aspect of things.

Hang tight hopefully she'll get exhausted from the constant worry and leave you alone.

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OMGosh!! Yes! On one hand I have the Step-MIL who could careless to my overprotective, overbearing mother!!!!! Sunday and Tuesday I was put on bed rest. she called me 6 times in about a 2 hour span, texted my DH every hour on the hour to make sure I was getting enough water and having y blood pressure checked.

Then all she asks now is if she can come up and stay and help me out. O, because 1. you won't let me get my *** off the couch (sorry but I need to and can empty my own dishwasher). She panics - so if I have a BH or feel bad, she will want me to call the doctor immediately - or she will do it. I want to so nicely say, you make my blood pressure worse.

Don't get me wrong, I would love the help, but I don't need someone to make me panic, because they panic. I don't need to be told how wrong I do things and how they aren't "her" way. and I don't want hurt feelings because I don't take her suggestions. And I am so tired of hearing how much I have dropped from her mouth!!!

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LOL! Wow...I guess she is excited, huh? Both of our parents are raring to go at this point, but not to the extent of your mom. Anytime my hubs calls his parents, his dad literally answers the phone 'Is it time?!' And this past week we were at my parents for dinner and she was moving a lot hitting my insides making me uncomfortable and my dad said something about my face and I said something about having some pain and I swear my moms eyes almost popped out of her head! Hopefully your mom will adjust to the idea of you dilating/progressing after a little bit Smile

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I know that I should not laugh but some of these stories are too funny. My DH is the worst at this point...I think he is the one who is nesting. I swear when this starts happening to me I will unplug the phone and the computer and doorbell and any other means to harass me. My sister just had her first and she was 10 days late...I will be unable to cope with those calls and texts for long. Smile

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Lol. I love it all. Wink My whole family and most of my friends were crazy like that once I hit about 37 weeks. I litterally did not go one single day after that until DD arrived without being texted by at least 3 people each day to ask if I was in labor...good grief.

But now that it is the total opposite this time around - most people forget I'm pregnant and totally do not aknowledge it, I kinda wish everyone was being overbearing again, lol. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

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That would've driven me crazy too. However I can't help but laugh at some of these stories:D