drop side cribs....

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drop side cribs....

is what i've got! and now they are being recalled? I used it w/ dd and ds. It's already set up and ready for this baby! GGGGRRRRRRR anyone else in this spot? Am I a horrible mom if I use it anyway? We've never had a problem with it before?

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Drop-Side Cribs Outlawed

Please don't take me wrong, but if it were me, I'd burn the thing. I watched a special about it on the news and was horrified with the demonstrations that they showed. Perhaps you could research it online a little?

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Some people would probably disagree with me, but I think you'll be fine to use it for this baby. I mean if I were buying one brand new then I obviously wouldn't buy one but I think you're fine.


Okay, let me edit what I just said! After checking the link what Beth posted, I don't know that I'd use it. I wasn't aware of the deaths that were caused by them. Better safe than sorry in this case.

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They are not legal to buy or sell. There is a very legit reason for it. Personally, I wouldn't use it. I'd go buy an $80 crib from Wal-Mart and atleast know it was "safe" before I used a drop-down crib, even if I'd used it before and had no prior issues. But that's just me.

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Thats what I had with dd and it was recalled, we were able to get our money back and luckily we were done using it anyway. But it sucked cause I thought I would just be able to get one crib and use it for both kids, no such luck. I wouldn't use it either, because of the risks, just because it was fine with the other 2 doesn't mean that it would or wouldn't be for this one.

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Have you checked into your crib in particular. A lot of times there is hardware you can install to make it 'safe'. Definitely no judgement here. DS1 is in a drop side and we'll continue using it. When they were first recalled I went straight into his room and shook that thingas hard as I could in every direction, I'm completely confident it's safe and it's the same crib we've had for 7 years now, never had any even minor issue with it. To be honest I've only actually used the drop side a handful of times, it's just all they sold when I had my oldest.
This baby won't be in a drop side but that's because we had to buy another crib anyways, I wouldn't buy a crib that was a drop side at this point (and they are most definitely still being sold on craigslist!) but considering my DS1 will be in a crib less than a year and then we're getting bunk beds (so buying a convertible crib wouldn't even make it worth it), we'll stick with it.

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I was going to suggest the same thing as Mandi. A lot of them have repair kits you can get that basically bolt the sides in place and make them safe.

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Don't panic. there is piece that you can install at teh bottom that prevents the side from being able to drop. the problem is mostly that people aren't checking their equipment to make sure that screws haven't backed out or that there is an issue.
so change the bracket and move on with life. its OK.

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I bought a dropside crib with DD1 2 years ago and plan to use it with this baby. I feel comfortable with the crib I have and that it will continue to perform as expected. However, I have always checked the crib on a regular basis to see if any of the screws feel loose.

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I personally am scared of the drop down cribs. I wouldn't use them unless I could find a way to screw it down so it couldnt' move.

I guess I just saw too many videos of children dying in those things.

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i found the website and have sent off for a piece to make it "safe" dh is kinda sad about it though since he really liked the drop down feature.....but whatever "they" say is safe right?! thanks ladies, it really was an easier fix than I thought!

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My crib is a crib that BF dad made for her and it has the drop side but we just bought hardware to make it not. I am sure that all will be perfectly safe with that adjustment (by all of us that are doing it)

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Sorry I'm joining all the threads a day or 3 late lol...

DS is still in a drop side crib. I have no issue with it. WE did get the part to secure it so it wont move, and we will end up putting it on once hes done with it (Its going to MILs for new baby once hes in his big boy bed). I use it regularly to put him in it, its a life saver at 8m preggo. lol
that said, I inspect it all the time and DH is hte one who assembled it and it has no issues that we've seen (including watching the videos when this whole thing came out a year or so ago).

We got a convertible crib for this baby from a friend, so we'll be using that whenever he gets here. ONly reason we wont be keeping the drop side for this baby.

I think the best thing is to do whatever you are safe and comfortable with. Everyone has their own comfort level to think about.

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I took mine back to Walmart, 6 years after we bought it, and they gave us a full refund. It'd be worth a try, if your model was sold there.

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I am using the same drop-side crib that DD used when she was a baby (11 years ago!) and when the recall was issued last year, DH just put a really big long screw right through bottom of the side rail into the mattress support. I check it from time to time and feel completely safe about continuing to use it.

You do whatever YOU feel is the right thing Smile