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Dumb Q..

I had my next OB check up yesterday, it went well! I’m still down two pounds from my starting weight so I haven’t “gained” any yet, but the baby is growing! The heart rate was 156 and BP was 118/64. This was the first time I was “measured” and it was at 26. Now does that mean 26 weeks of development? Is the measurement more than 24 (that’s how many weeks along I am) because I have a fat stomach? I know she pushed down to feel the uterus, but I don’t remember getting measured with my son. Not much else going on.. But I do think Baby’s hit the viability point now! :clappy:

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My doctor told me some women measure under and some over, it just depends on how you carry. Maybe your torso is smaller so you carry out more (and vice-versa, if you torso is larger, you measure smaller b/c there is more room). It really has nothing to do with height or how big a woman is, more about how she's made up in the middle from my understanding. Mine is pretty proportionate-- I'm right at 24 for example and I am 24 weeks. Smile

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cant help with your question, i just keeping getting told that i am measuring perfectly.

But YA! for hitting the viability point. Yahoo

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You're within the normal range if you're + or - 3cm. So, since you're 24 weeks, the normal range is 21cm-27cm.

I'm 20 weeks and I measured 23cm yesterday...I asked my midwife because I was wondering the same thing.

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YAY for reaching the viability point!! Ill hit that tomorrow!!
I havent been measured yet, so I have no help in that area...but im with rebecca...i think the measurement is supposed to match the weeks. But as long as your not measuring under, then i wouldnt worry!! Smile

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I was told +/- 2 is in range and nothing to worry about - so sounds like you are right on track. Smile

My understanding is most hospitals will try to keep the baby alive at 24 weeks (the point of viability), so Yahoo for viability. They do say the % rate of survival greatly increases at 26 weeks (but every week is important).

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I was measured at my last ob appt and measured 1 week ahead of where I am. But the dr said it was probably due to the fibroids and that there was nothing to worry about because I was within range(had no idea what she meant).

Hooray for making to the viability point!