Early birthday present

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Early birthday present

So....I turn the big 30 on the 24th of this month and DH told me about my birthday present lastnight.

I've been wanting a DSLR camera for a long time but we've just never been able to afford it. They're very expensive ranging from $500 to several thousand dollars. Anyway....he ordered me a DSLR camera and should be delivered on Monday. I am SO freaking excited about this!! He said he decided to tell me about it now instead of waiting because it was such a large purchase.

I'm a beginner with this whole SLR thing so if anyone has some good advice or website for beginners I would so appreciate it. DH works for a university here and I get free tuition. It's a univ that is known for the arts and so I'm thinking about taking a photography class.

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How exciting!!! i have no advice, but that sounds like alot of fun!! Smile


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I got one a few years ago & I love it. I have no advise other than to play, play, play!!

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We've had a dslr for years now and I always just put it on AUTO Smile I have asked my dad a couple of things about it, but for me, leaving it on auto works good for now! I will tell you - the lens makes a HUGE difference! I've used the one that came with the camera, and its just not that great. My dad bought a lens a while ago that doesn't really work for him because its got a fixed field of view, but it works for us because it works really good in low light. I guess its a fast lens or something? All I know is that it works in our house and I don't have to always use the flash.

Have fun with it! You will take a MILLION pictures with it I'm sure! I have a huge thing with pictures and we have about 10k on our computers. Its so nice to be able to turn it on, snap some pictures, have them be super nice, and then turn it off. I can't wait to see all the beautiful pics you take!

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I'm ridiculously jealous!!!

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I so jealous, too.. both of the camer and the possibility of taking a class!