on edge today!

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on edge today!

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I feel like I could drop kick dh somewhere into Egypt, and I now understand why some animals eat their young!!!! Everyone and everything is driving me batty today! I know it's more me than them...but sheesh!!!!!!! I just wanna SSSSLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!! and be woke up in a few weeks w/ contractions and a gush of water! LOL I'm trying to enjoy this I really am.

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 Yeah… no fun… helps to vent about it though… at least I think so! Keep your spirits up!

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I am sorry and I hope that they all stay away from you and let you relax a bit.

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I have those days....

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I'm sorry you're feeling like this. Today is one of my good days but I certainly have days like yours.

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I can totally identify with you. Hope it gets better.

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I have days like that.. 2moro may be better

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tomorrow is my last day of work :party: so it HAS to be better right? I'm going to bed early in hopes of a better outlook! We're camping this weekend gonna need the rest! thanks ladies and it does make me feel so much better to vent to people who understand. Dh just doesn't get it! lol

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Im dealing with that too! And my SO STILL doesnt seem to understand that its the hormones, and not me...
He keeps bringing up the fact that I have had an attitude lately and been getting mad a lot...OH WELL!! You just have to suck it up at this point is what i want to tell him. I mean I am 9 months pregnant in the middle of summer...i get to be wrong! lol

I think he finally gets it now, after an argument about everything the other day tho...