Emotions gone crazy!

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Emotions gone crazy!

Seriously, I cry at everything! Somebody can barely snap at me and I bawl right then and there, I can't even stop it. I was so embaressed today in Chick-fil-a b/c my dad snapped at me and I cried-- right in front of everybody. Sad DH was very sweet though, he hugged me and told me it'd be ok. He is sooo not used to seeing this come from me-- usually I'm the one holding everybody else together and rarely cry. It's not even an issue with getting angry or anything, I'm just SAD. I had PPD with DD and I'm hoping this doesn't mean that I could have it again with this baby-- or have it worse. Beee

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I cry at the drop of a hat too. Thursday morning, I wanted DH to lay in bed with me for a little longer and cuddle, but he said he had alot of things to do on his last day of vacation and got up anyway. I started to cry. He came to me later before he left and offered me the option to join him while he ran errands and of course I jumped at the offer to get out for a little while. Then last sunday and monday I was in such a blue mood I didnt want to talk to DH or talk about the baby. I began to worry about PPD myself. But after yesterday's episode, I just figured that my hormones were going crazy.

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I cried all day yesterday and all night too. Was really upset about something but I can make a something turn into an epic sadness by listening to very emotional songs in the end!
So I gave myself a big headache and it's only just wearing off...

What's wrong with us besides the obvious...!


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I can cry at the drop of a hat if someone looks at me wrong... although i flip out on my daughter or fiance over the dumbest things. ugh! my hormones are all over the place with this preganancy. definately different from the first time around..

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Your not alone..
My husband been working a lot and he has not been here ... and I started crying ...
I was watching cartoons with the boys and started crying... yes somethings can be embarrassing Cartoons Come on really?
But hey its these crazy emotions...
I got it bad When going to church .. You can only Imagine " i tell myself .. GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY" but easy said than done

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:bigarmhug: your dad shouldn't have snapped at you! :bigarmhug: Glad DH knew what to do!

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My emotions have been more undercontrol this time - with DD I was very much like what you described.