Epi side effects question and another concern

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Epi side effects question and another concern

Hey ladies.

So i have 2 newer issues going on that i am assuming are from the epidural...one, i am getting pains through my lower back/hip area every so often. second, i am getting a very quick stabby pain through the left side of my head every so often. at the time of the pain it hurts like hell, but it goes away quickly.

Also, i have what i can only describe as a mass in the underside of my right breast. i noticed it about 4 days ago now, at first i thought it was a milk duct so i tried to massage it loose. Dh tried too (what a supportive hubbie LOL). its still there, doesnt hurt and im freaking out. i have an appt with my LC tomorrow morning and i am going to ask her to feel it hoping she will tell me its a milk gland. but i dont think it is. it is elongated and horizontal...kinda odd shaped and im guesstimating about and inch long. im sure its nothing to worry about, but im a worrier by nature. i over think EVERYTHING enough as it is but THIS has me near hysterical and i just found it. its 10pm and an hour past my bedtime and i am up worrying.

Thanks for listening, i just needed to get this off my chest. DH knows im worried, but i dont want him to know how worried i am. im trying to be calm externally...but internally, not so much. :confused:

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I have no experience with an epi so I don't know but I think the back pain sounds normal. As far as the mass, no clue either but I hope you get some answered soon! Kup!

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The lower back/hip pains are most likely due to the epidural. The headaches could be as well but if they continue for a while or get worse I would call. Usually the headache from epidurals is extremely painful and continuous. But nerves can do funny things.

As for the lump I hope it turns out to be nothing. I know its hard not to think the worst especially when post partum hormones are present. Try to get some sleep!

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:lurk: from Oct 2011

For the lump, have you tried a warm compress? Also I remember a few times with DD when I had to change the position of our normal feeding positions. If I remember correctly, I think there are a few ways to "clear" a blockage that way (if that's what it is). Good luck!

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The back pain is probably just normal (NOT from the epidural). Remember your body is now trying to return to normal and your hips/ pelvis were all stretched out of whack and your tail bone and sacrum pushed on. Here's a really good article about it. There's a lot going on in your body postpartum which is why we are supposed to take it easy and heal. My family members who did not get epidurals had the same symptoms PP.
The pain in your head is probably due to hormones, sleep deprivation, or any number of things. A spinal headache is extremely painful, constant, and is worse when you are sitting up and gets better when you lay down.
The mass on your breast is probably just a benign response to the hormones and breastfeeding. Breasts get very lumpy while you're breastfeeding, but you should mention it.
Take it easy and try not to stress so much! :bigarmhug:

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I would call your OB about your stabbing headache asap. Not to alarm you but women can develop postpartum pre-e and you have to take it seriously. Check your blood pressure and see if its normal. In March my BFF had pp pre-e and it was very serious, she had to be hospitalized. Then 2 weeks later a good friend at work had the same exact thing. Its usually overlooked since us moms tend to think we are just overly tired and need to rest more.

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I have had epis. but nothing like you are describing. the breast def. sounds like milk gland. Smile

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I have had the Epi
I get back pains up to 2weeks then it go away

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I've had the back pain and i agree with pp that it's probably normal and from both pregnancy and birth in general and maybe a bit additional from the epi.
I would talk to you dr about the headaches and the lump. I'm sure they are nothing, but better safe than sorry. Try not to panic about it. I'm sure it's nott as bad as you think. I'm a worrier too, so I know it's much easier said than done. Try some breathing techniques and try to relax.