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I know some of you ladies were working out quite a bit in the beginning. How are you feeling now? Are you still able to stay active?
My goal has been to walk 30 mins/4 times a week (everyday if I have time), but I am having a hard time motivating myself. I've gone twice this week and I feel great after I do. But it is soooo hard to make myself get out there in the heat and walk. Especially with all the aches and pains that come along with the third trimester!

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I try and walk a few times at work, just 10 minutes here and there. I know it's not much. I don't know how you stand walking in this heat. Besides that, I don't get a bunch of exercise done. I do try and stay active after dinner, picking up around the house, vacuuming etc so I count that as exercise.

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i so agree with you on the heat. its been awful. i've been trying to get out in the earlier morning hours to walk some. my 2 mile loop though has turned into a 1 mile waddle. Biggrin that i'm only seeming to get in maybe 4 days a week. (this week not one day.....sigh)

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Not that i was very active, or into exercising much at at all during this pregnancy, or even before...but what little i was doing is now non-existent. I am kind of on modified bed rest due to some complications. I am allowed to go to work, but after work, i am to pretty much take it as easy as possible. Before that tho, i was usually going for a walk once a day and trying to do some stretching...

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I walk the dog a couple times a week. I used to walk him for 30-45 minutes every night, but with this heat (100+ temps), I just can't. I am swimming a few times a week and doing yoga occasionally.

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It was 113 here yesterday...almost no exercise happening here. I do try and swim 10 laps and do some treading water and whatnot in the pool to try and keep the heart pumping and the blood circulating but that is it.

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I am soo bad, I haven’t really done anything about exercise, I would have benefited from it for sure. And at this point I don’t want to speed Labor up at all so I’ll continue to be lazy, but let me tell you I have BIG plans for exercise when the baby DOES come. I was thinking of doing some Yoga with baby classes as well! HOWEVER as I write this Im about to go to Dunkin D's to get some food? Hummmmm…

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I'm with you! I'm definitely losing my motivation and its getting harder and harder to make myself keep going. I alternate between walking and doing the p90x upper body workouts. Last week was good, I did all 5 days. This week - not so good...I only did 3. And, on my p90x day this week, I only did 1/2 the actual workout Sad Plus, its definitely taking me a LOT longer to do my walks in the morning...my 2.5 mile walk in 35-40 mins, is now taking me about 50-55 mins. I do my workout/walk in the mornings...I get up at about 5:45 to eat and then it takes me about 45 mins to an hour and then I shower and head to work. I was just thinking this morning on my walk that I'm probably going to have to decide between shortening my walk or getting up earlier because I'm cutting it close in the mornings. I can almost guarantee which option comes out on top Wink