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Eye Color Question

How long can it take for baby's eyes to "settle" into their color?

I have dark brown eyes (almost black) and DH has blue eyes.
When Soren was born he had blue blue eyes, and they stayed blue.
When Orion was born, he had the same blue eyes Soren did, so I figured they'd stay blue. But they are starting to change, I used to swear they will stay blue, but they are getting more flecks of gold and other colors in them and some days it seems like they'll go dark, but other times it stays blue. Maybe they'll end up green or hazel...

How long can it take to change? Is it possible he'll end up with brown eyes? I'm wondering because every brown eyed baby I know is obviously brown by 6 or 8 weeks, hes over 12weeks and still changing... I'm just curious. Anyone else have a baby (this one or one of your previous babies) whose eyes changed later?

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Yep! I have dark brown (my eyes were actually brown/black at birth) and dh has blue. Our oldest DD had blue eyes until she was 1! Then they slowly changed green and by 18 months were more hazel/brown. DD2's channged to brown by 3 months, she was the quickest. DS1's were blue until he was at least 6 months old and his are hazel/brown like DD1's. So far DS2 has blue, but they are dark blue so I'm thinking they will probably change. DD1's though I would have sworn would have stayed blue, they lightened up and everything

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DS#1 had a dark blue color, and by 4 months or so he had brown eyes.
DS#2 had a bright blue and he was closer to 6 months before they turned brown, but they are a different shade of brown from DS#1's They have more light streaks in them.

Evie has a gray-blue color, so I'm hoping they turn hazel like Daddy's. She has red hair, so it would make sense.

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Yep! Dd1 was almost 18months by the time hers went from blue to hazel like mine!

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I have honey colored brown eyes, DH's has light blue eyes. DS number one was born with beautiful blue eyes... he is now five and they have changed to a honey, hazel if that makes sense. They are greenish, brownish, honey colored nearest the pupil and greyish, blueish nearest the whites. DD was born with blue and still has very blue eyes, she'll be 4 in feb. Alex still has blue but i don't think they will stay blue, i think he, too will end up with hazel as they are not as blue as DD's were, her's were so blue when she was a baby they almost looked purple. Smile

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my dr. told me permanent eye color doesn't settle until 12 to 18 months,m i love Lilly's eye color i wish they would stay blue, but i hope they end up green like her daddys. they do seem to change shades of blue right now tho.