Failed the 1 hour GT

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Failed the 1 hour GT

What is it with us ladies? I thought for sure I'd be borderline with this baby, like I was with my others but nope. I get really confused by all the numbers they throw around but she said something about the cut-off being 140 and mine was 144 so I didn't fail it by much but she said something about they like seeing it at 129??? She said the provider will call to talk with me later today-- I spoke with the receptionist so I think she knew about as much as me when it came to the number meanings. Anybody else know what these numbers mean?

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Sorry Sad It seems there are so many on this board who are in the same boat!
140 is considered the limit by most standards (I believe ACOG and most MWs). My OB requires the 3 hr for anything over 135. I think they all have their own preferences about what number they like to see and I've read that some will ask for a 3 hr test even if you are below the official cut-off based on risk factors.
You'll probably do fine on the 3 hour test, but it's not fun. I am sitting in the lab waiting for mine now.

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yep what Beth said, the cut off is 140, mine was 160. I haven't called for my 3 hour test results just yet, I really don't want to have my day ruined if i failed.

Here is what I found about the 3 hour test online.

Not that this is set in stone, but it also seems to me like the biggest issue is having a big baby. I haven't found any thing that says why GD happens tho, or how to prevent

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I don't understand if the limit is 140 and your 129 how you failed ?

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Wow - there are a lot of ladies on this board who have failed the 1 hr.

Hopefully you will pass the 3 hr, but it doesn't sound like fun at all.

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"Cassandra83" wrote:

I don't understand if the limit is 140 and your 129 how you failed ?

the obgyn in my practice likes his patients to be at 129, i was at 144 and the cut-off they go by is 140. so i was only 4 points over. there's no way i could keep it at 129 though so its a good thing that's just a preference. all i ate for breakfast that day was a bowl of plain 'ole cherrios and milk and water.

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Mine never even told me my numbers or anything. She just called and said everything was normal. But from personal experience with hypoglycemia all my life, they want your sugar level usually around the 120's when your not pregnant, but your sugar levels go up with pregnancy, so they want you around 140 or less...