favorite holiday tradition

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favorite holiday tradition

What is yours?

Mine is making cookies with my mom. we have our favorites and i can't wait until Lilly is old enough to help.

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we dont have too many. DD1 and always make cookies (we did that yesterday). thats about it.

i went looking "The night before christmas" yesterday so that i can read it to her on christmas eve from here on out. the only one i could find was the hallmark recordable version that is $17 at walmart. Not wanting to go out after work searching for it, i sucked it up and bought it. it took me all over 10 minutes after buying it to love the idea of this book. so on christmas eve i am going to record me reading this book to her. years down the road, she will always be able to open that book and listen to her mommy's voice reading to her on her very first christmas eve! Smile

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We don't have a lot either. Mainly just getting together with my family and eating...a lot of eating. I've been trying to think of something special to start with the kids that wasn't too cliche, but have yet to come up with anything.
Laura, I love the idea of the recording of "The Night Before Christmas". Very sweet.

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Chris - thats so great that you have a tradition!

Laura - that is super sweet!! I love that idea!

Beth - do you guys have any light displays? We have one here that I want to start doing every year. They decorate the whole park with lights and you can drive through. Do they have something like that?

We don't have any just yet with the kids. I do cookies every year and decorate them with my hubs (he helps me, but he doesn't actually enjoy it). I tried to have Ryder help out with his cookies for his bday in October, but he's still too young. When he's a little older, I want to do a Cookie Party with the kids with friends/family and have everybody over to decorate them to take home. We go over my parents house in the morning for breakfast and do the presents with them before everybody comes to our house to eat.

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We did go to a local light display that is a drive thru and walk thru. We did it the weekend before Christmas and the kids liked it. The weather doesn't always cooperate with the walking, but this year was nice.