feeling odd, kinda like poo....

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feeling odd, kinda like poo....

I'm not sure what's up but yesterday morning I took the kiddos swimming at my inlaws. I didn't do much just floated on a raft....but on the way home my back was killing me. Got home laid down for a bit then later that evening we all went to my dad's for a bonfire. Well we couldn't stay but maybe 45 minutes my back was hurting so bad. It's my lower back, right hip and down into my right thigh (backside) I was having some contractions aswell, but more so back pain that felt like contractions, back labor. I feel like every time she moves I'm gonna pee my pants. I've had some urgency and frequency as well. Maybe a bladder infection? I don't know. I've even been taking some Tylenol it takes the edge off but the pain is still there. I haven't had any spotting... I'm gonna call the dr in the am, I just don't know. Oh yeah last night after the cookout dh took the kiddos to bed and I sat in the tub for nearly 2 hours and it felt A LOT better until I got out. Sad I'm on the heating pad now, and have taken 2 tylenol's and plan on parking my rear right here. AND to top things off ds was up puking all night long...ugh. sorry to ramble thanks if you made it this far!

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TMI***** I've also noticed things down there to be a bit swollen...I really hope this isn't leading to bedrest again. Sad it seems like the slightest thing I do causes pain and contractions though.

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Oh no! I have no idea what it might be but I hope you find some relief soon. Let us know what the doctor says!

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Hopefully it's just normal yucky stuff. I know I've had similar symptoms this weekend (minus the contractions other than a few BHs), but I've done a lot more than usual all week.
If your contractions are timeable and frequent, I wouldn't wait until the AM to call. But of course you know your body...
Hope it goes away!

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i hope you called this morning and was able to get in. Let us know what happened. i hope its something simple like a UTI.

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I hope you find some relief soon. Let us know how you're doing

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I hope everything is OK.

I know with my DD I was like that almost my entire 3rd trimester - the last two months being the worst.

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