feeling whiny today

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feeling whiny today

so it not even 1pm here today, it is absolutely gordeous outside. all i want to do is be outside basking in the sun and reading a book. but nooooo, im stuck at work, no windows to look out of even. I just wanna go home. if i didnt have to worry about maternity time, i would pretend im :sick:

On the other hand, today is my 14 year old daugthers 4th birthday. that is, its been 4 years since the judge made me her mommy :D. lucky girl, SHE gets 2 birthdays every year! Kendra will someday be very jealous of this fact lol.

on the down side, my pubic bones are KILLING me the last 2 days! i stood up from my desk this morning and almost fell thanks to a major pain then shot back under my pubic area TMI OMG it made my girly parts hurts so bad Sad i just had lunch with DH and i told him that by the time i hit full term i am going to be in a wheel chair! he told me he would push me around :rolleyes:

on the up side, last nite i felt LO's arms and legs beating on me at the same time, and today i got a really hard thud up again my belly button! i know i keep posting this kind of updates, but as a FTM, it is amazing to me how fast the baby grows and what a difference a day makes when it comes to baby movements! just a few days ago, i was only really feeling kicks to my cervix

thanks for letting me vent...i am so jealous of you ladies who is outside today Dirol

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It is too hot for me to be outside today. We had a heat wave come through today and boy do I notice the difference temperature wise being prego. Normally I would love this type of weather, but I would just be drenched if I stayed outside very long today.

I am glad sunny warmer weather is here though. It just makes things better.

I am looking forward to this afternoon though. I scheduled a massage and I am leaving work early to get it done Yahoo I need the stress reliever. Last time I had a massage (3 weeks ago) my hips felt better than they had in a long time.

Laura - I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy the weather sometime today.

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I hope you get outside soon. Maybe you can take lunch outside on sunny days? Or would that just add to the sadness of the sunny day having to go back in? lol

I have had the same pelvic pain for a while now. I'm going to be on strict bed rest soon simply because I cannot walk! Went to Target with hubby and some friends last Sat and had to use a motor cart. Ugh. I could see the other preg women looking at me like I was lazy, so my sis told me to wear my "I have 3 peas in my pod" shirt next time. Here's hoping the pain gets better for both of us.

Yeah for the kicking and birthday today. Overall it's really a great day and the sun shining is just a reminder of that. Keep hanging in there!

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Its already too hot here. Sad It was over 90 today and its supposed to storm for the next TEN days!!! I hate spring/summer storms, they are so scary. Hopefully you can get out some this weekend. Smile

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Aw...hope you feel better!!! Its been hot here too...and my car AC decided not to work!! Grrr