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I passed the 3hr gd test. WooHoo and I have scheduled a date for the c-section. August 1. I tried to comply with my dd wish that it not be on her birthday of July 30. However she informed me that it is on my nieces birthday. I have decided not to tell my sister though. Mainly because she will insist that my LO wear the same dress home that my niece did and I already have an out fit picked for that. Anywhoo....I am measuring 35wks(2wks ahead) and she is always in the breach position. Totally nervous about the csection. I wanted to cry when I set the date. It's so scarey to me. I delivered dd1 naturally. I freaked out when they had to do the spinal block for the cerclage. I have 6 wks to psych myself up.

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So glad you passed!! Thats great news!!

And dont freak out too bad!! At least you wont be suprised on when your LO is going to arrive lol. Im sure everything will work out beautifully!

Good luck!

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Woo Hoo on the good appointment and getting a date. I don't blame you for not telling your sister - keep that outfit you have already selected! Ask about any exercises or anything you can do to flip the baby if she stays breech; I hear some of them work.

I too am worried about the spinal associated with c-sec. It truly freaks me out, but it all kind of does. But - you can do it! You can do it!! You can do it!!! Smile

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At our child birth class she said that this pose modified so that your bum is in the air for 40 minutes and doing it every day after 32 weeks works. She said that it works because the baby already has the inner ear thing (can't recall the word) that makes us want to be right side up so if you do that they will try and change to be right side up and b/c there is limited room they are not likely to be able to keep flipping back.

Good luck!!

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Glad to hear you passed Smile

It is nice to have an end in sight too.

If it makes you feel any better, I loved my csec with DD. Very painless and very comfortable.

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Try not to freak out about the c-section. Let me just say that I was FREAKED out about the possibility of getting an epidural. I had heard nothing but horror stories from other women including my mom about how painful an epi was. I didn't have an epi with DS, I had a spinal for my c-section and it was a breeze. 1 poke and they were done. I'm sure it hurt but I don't remember it being particularly painful really. I'm going to request a spinal this time as well.

I'm so glad you passed your 3 hour test. Way to go!

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Thanks for the encouragement ladies! Jessica, I am definitely going to try that position.
VCoates...I think that's what makes me the most nervous, the epidural or spinal. I believe I had a spinal when they put in the cerclage. But I cried like a baby then too. I used to be terribly afraid of needles but that has kinda subsided now since I've been stuck so much during this pg. It's just the knowledge of the needle going into my spine that makes me scared. The best thing is I will have my DH by my side during the csection. Being near him seems to calm me down.:D