Finally. Lio's Birth Story :)

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Finally. Lio's Birth Story :)

Okay, this is extremely long, but I'm just copying what I wrote for myself. Wink

The Birth of Basilio Patrick Atticus

So, I’d been saying to Jaime how August 27, 2011 would be a good day to have the baby. It was a Saturday, I’d be my 40 weeks and then some, my sister would be around; it was just overall convenient for us. And you know, babies like to be convenient. Wink

Well, Saturday came and mostly went and nada. There were no symptoms or signs of pregnancy coming. We ran some errands, and I remember telling Jaime at about 6pm that my back really hurt, but it wasn’t like back labor or anything like when I had Halloway, just a sore back from all the weight. And I lamented that my back had to be so sore and there was no action.

Jaime put Halloway to bed around 730pm, and Colte brought her boyfriend over for us to meet. At about 830pm Jaime was making mashed potato tacos per my request, and I joked that wouldn’t it be awesome if they were “labor inducing mashed potato tacos”?

Flash forward to almost 10pm, and we are sitting in the living with Colte and Marlin, watching TV and talking and I start to feel a little crampy. Not even as bad a period cramps and it was all in the front, which I’d never experienced as Halloway was full back labor, so I didn’t think much about it. At about 1030pm I told Colte and Marlin good night, and Jaime and I went to bed. At this point, the cramps were coming and going in regular intervals.

Jaime started timing them, even though I was pretty insistent that they were *not* contractions. It was nothing like with Halloway, so it couldn’t possibly be contractions or labor. Well, they were lasting a good minute and coming about every 2.5 mins so he texted our midwife. Not long after they were coming every 1.5 mins and our midwife decided it was best for her to come over.

Jaime told my sister she should probably take her boyfriend home. I made some coconut water popsicles and walked around while Jaime set up the birth pool. My midwife, Jennifer, showed up, followed shortly by her apprentice Ashley. I let her check me, even though I didn’t do any vaginal checks with H. I was just curious. She checked and I was at 4. This was at approximately 1230am. Well, my contractions were strong for a while, and then puttered out to nothing. At 130am Halloway woke up and so Colte went upstairs to be with her.

At about 330 Jennifer checked me again and I was only about a 7. It was pretty miserable. When the contractions came they came with nearly no stopping in between, and then they would suddenly stop for quite awhile before picking up again. I definitely preferred the steady, slowly increasing contractions I’d had with Halloway. Not to mention, I had no idea how to handle front labor. Although everyone swears back labor is more painful than front labor, I would gladly take back labor any day over what I was experiencing. I just had no idea how to get comfortable.

To make matters more fun, the baby’s head was super low, but my cervix was somehow pushed up and behind the head, so until my cervix came down below his head, he couldn’t get out. So Jennifer suggested that during each contraction Jaime put his arms around me and pull up on my belly, helping to shift my cervix forward. This was excruciating to the point that I started telling Jaime I wasn’t having contractions; I just couldn’t deal with it. I was starting to feel mostly like a failure at this point. Halloway’s labor had been so easy, and nearly painless. I made it clear at this point to Jaime that he would never again touch me until he was shooting blanks.

At some point, I asked Jennifer to break my waters, in hopes of things going quicker. At this point I was hoping he’d be born before Halloway woke up for the morning.

Colte came downstairs at 430 followed by Halloway screaming, and declared that she could not stay with her anymore because all Halloway was doing was laying there staring at her. Quite frankly, I didn’t care if Halloway wasn’t sleeping, so long as she wasn’t crying. So I told Jaime to go upstairs with Halloway while I walked around, dealing with some pretty intense contractions, and my sister lamented on how she had to be at work at noon and hadn’t slept yet. Super annoyed and in waaaay too much pain to listen to her, I told her to go to bed. She had said earlier she couldn’t lay down and sleep with Halloway since she hadn’t washed her face or removed her contacts. So she did so, and then went to sleep with her, since Jaime at this point had her back to sleep. Needless to say, she was lucky at this point that I was in too much pain to really talk or tell her how I felt about the situation.

At around 530 I said I wanted to push. But when I tried, Jennifer realized I still wasn’t dilated enough to push. So I leaned back on Jaime and was in a pretty comfortable position, so even though Jennifer suggested I walk or get in the shower to help things get motivated, I refused. I just needed a break from the pain, and this was the best I was getting. And for some reason I had zero desire to be in water of any sort. I had been planning to have a water birth, and yet my birth pool stood completely untouched. So I sat for about 30 minutes before finally deciding to get up and walk around. I really wanted the baby out before Halloway woke up.

The contractions started coming on top of each other and I got up on the couch and leaned on the birth ball, trying to deal with them. And then suddenly, I was pushing. I couldn’t control it; the baby was going to come. I moved off the couch, but remained in the same position, using the couch as my support and being on my knees in front of it. It was 653am when I started to push.

I felt like I was going to explode. But I could feel him sliding down with each push, which was actually pretty incredible, even though I was exhausted and would have been in tears if there had been any energy for them. For the last two big pushes I turned around and then voila! At 713am, I was holding my baby.

I looked down at him, and had to do a double take, sure I was seeing the cord and not a penis, but there it was! I had a boy! “I have a boy! He’s a boy!” was pretty much all I could say. My mommy intuition sucked mucho with him. I was certain without a doubt in my mind that I was going to have another girl. So much so that the possibility that I could have a boy truly never entered my mind.

Within 10 mins of him being born Halloway woke up and down she came with Colte. She loved him instantly and proceeded to climb into my lap and try to show him how to nurse. Lio, however, was not nearly as interested as she was, and didn’t bother to latch on until 810am.

Jennifer asked if we had a name and I told her “no.” We hadn’t really discussed boy names. We had planned on calling Halloway Basilio if she were a boy. We’d talked for about half a second about Atticus at the beginning of the pregnancy. But since I was sure he was a girl, we didn’t discuss it more than that.

So, I told Jaime after a few minutes that he was Basilio. My little Lio. And later decided on Patrick Atticus. Patrick is my dad’s middle name, and Atticus is from “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Jaime agreed. I’d just birthed an almost 9lb baby; I don’t think he was in a position to disagree. Wink

So my little Basilio was born at 713am on Sunday, August 28, 2011, weighing a whopping 8lbs and 15oz, and being 21 inches long. Perfection.


So I told Jaime he had to take a picture of me rocking out in labor. Wink Really, we just forgot to take a 40 week pic.

About an hour after birth.

2 Days Old

Besos from his hermana

Halloway and Lio

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He's precious!! Way to go momma!!!

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What a great story! I'm so glad you were able to push him out before Halloway woke up.

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I'm sure this is in our thread as well, but I saw it and had to read. What a great story! I'm so glad that everything went well, except for your sister who kind of sucks, but YEAH for Lio! And double YEAH for you! You are so awesome! The pic of him and H is so beautiful, the one where she is just looking at him. LOVE IT! TFS!

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So happy for you! He is so handsome! Congrats! Way to go!!

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He's absolutely perfect. You have two beautiful babies. So glad things went well for you!

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amazing! great pix!

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Wonderful story. Congratulations!

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Glad all went Well
beautiful Family

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Congrats! Awesome story.