Finger Foods and Solids

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Finger Foods and Solids

I would like to know how big finger food should be. For example, I give Ava toast, fruit, cheese etc, but cut them into very tiny pieces. Should I start cutting toast into sticks? And how big should fruit finger foods be?

What meals are you cooking for your 10 month old?

Just want to make sure I am doing everything right Smile

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You know, i think it is really up to you what Ava can have, try it out. Only you know how well she can chew her food.
My Lo is still mostly Bf, i try and give her at least 2 foods, and cereal puffs thru out the day. I would say the size of Cherrios or a little bit bigger is what works best for us.

Some babies eat more than others, so i am not sure there is a right or wrong answer, do what works best for your baby. you can always talk to your pedi or family dr.

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She loves to eat and hates it when we eat without her. To be honest, she loves everything!

Some more advanced foods she has ate:

- Toast
- graduate puffs
- cut up shredded cheese
- pasta letters with tomato sauce or cut up macaroni cheese pasta
- salmon
- oatmeal with cinnamon
- yogurt
- couscous
- cut up bite size pear / mango
- mashed banana
- rice pudding
- couple of bites of curry vegetable soup Smile

I was just wondering if I should try giving her big pieces of fruits or toast so she can slowly bite off pieces?

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I've given Eve a stick of banana bread to eat and she's done great with it.
we also give the thick pretzle rods, i break the long stick in half and then she chews on it. great for teething!

eve ate some rice the other day.

i'm also getting ready to roast little squares of butternut squash and sweet potato for her to pick up and eat.
can do the same with zucchini and yellow squash
peas very gently press on them and then can pick them up.

really anything you're eating you can give them...except the obvious no=nos like egg white.

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I give Sidney almost everything that we eat, she has even had whole eggs (cooked into food like pancakes and french toast). But I am not too worried about food allergies, there aren't any in our families.
I think it really depends on what Ava can handle. Sidney doesn't have any teeth yet, so she can only 'bite' soft things like banana, well-cooked sweet potato, mango, and really ripe pears. But she sure loves to do it herself!! I will give her a big chunk and she doesn't have any problem eating it. I tried giving her a bigger piece of bread, but she stuffed the whole thing in her mouth:rolleyes: That scared mommy a bit!
I don't mash or puree anything any more, the only thing she will eat off a spoon is yogurt. I do mince meat up pretty small, but she isn't a big fan anyways so the smaller I cut it, the more likely it is that it will stick to another food and she will eat some Biggrin

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O LOVES food too - speically bananas and now we let her take bites of it as long as we hold it cuz she'll try to shove the whole thing in her mouth. I'd say whatever you're comfortable with. I give her chicken, turkey, etc....mostly things are around the size of a cherrio...she likes to pick her food up and eat it..... peas and carrots (i buy the frozen stuff and steam it so it's soft) and it's the perfect size. broccoli, i cut off the stems so she just eats the tops, i just did pinapple chunks... she only has her two bottom teeth, so that's why i keep food steamed or in bite size pieces.

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I think foods that are relatively soft are a great place to start with bigger pieces. I remember doing toast with cheese melted on top, then cutting into strips for my first.

Natalie is a little on the slower side developmentally and just got her first tooth a week ago, so she is just not ready yet. She doesn't chew enough (I know because I see what comes out later Lol ).

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Ava has no teeth either. She does chew everything though.

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I do bigger pieces of foods. Like spears of broccoli, long pieces of banana, anything she can hold in her hand. I did let her eat some grapes yesterday and I cut them into tiny pieces because she'd never had them (she LOVED them). The older kids have given her chicken nuggets from McDs when I wasn't looking and she did fine with those too. Scared me, but she was happy as she could be with it Smile She doesn't have but two bottom teeth that she can chew with, so she seems to do better if I just let her chose the size of the bites. So far she's done fine with everything. Enjoy the food exploring stage! It's always fun.

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Alex is eating sooo much! I try and let him try everything we have if I know it is somewhat healthy (just watching the amount of sugar/salt) and his absolute favorite is anything he can eat himself. Even if we have oatmeal for breakfast he scoops up anything that falls on his high chair table and puts it in his mouth. Toast we cut into eighths and dip into yogurt or apple sauce for him - this is so messy but he loves it and it is fun to watch. We quarter his grapes or cut raspberries or blueberries in half for him (again messy!). I still put his chicken in the food processor to mix with his food because he does still spit out big bites of chicken and I've tried giving him beef too but he spits out. Sweet potatoe and squash I had still been mashing but I never thought to cube it and roast so I will try that next time!

Something I was wondering about is flavours - is anyone adding any sauces or spices to babies foods? Alex gets cinnamon in his oatmeal and I have put some spices in pasta sauces but I am wondering what may be good to add to rice? We had 3 bags of frozen veggies put in the fridge by mistake (instead of the freezer) so I boiled them all today with rice and chicken so now I have a HUGE bowl of rice/veggies/chicken in the fridge but I am trying to think how I could mix up the flavours a bit for him so its not all the same, if you know what I mean? Like do you think adding some mushroom soup would be suitable? Maybe some crushed tomatoes and cheese would taste good for him? I really don't know! If I were eating it I would add some sweet chili sauce but I am certain that would NOT be good for a baby! Lol.

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you could add garlic powder to it. oregnao etc. there's nothing wrong with spices and its actually good for them to get it early on will help them eat more roundedly later.
at this point whatever and how ever you're eating just grind it up and give it to him....unless its really really spicy.
as for the sweet chili sauce...give him some why not just don't do alot and have yogurt ready if its too spicy. the cream will cut what makes it spicy.