First Night Home..

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First Night Home..

Last night was our first night home.. had lots of visitors. Ben did well, untill they left... DH and I didn't sleep till 4... and of course DS got up at 6! :mad: OH well we certainly have some adjusting to do. I feel great! Planned is way better the emergency C-sections.. even early planned c-sections. Blum 3 Working on Ben's birth story. But I miss you all and I can't wait till we get some more baby popping! I think Lisa is next as far as "planned" babies go.. Good luck on your c-section! Im off now to try bFing again (milk finally came in fully).. oh and might I just say that DS is a good help and has even tried to pump breast milk! hahahaha...

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Too funny about DS!!! I'm so glad you are home Smile Your ease with your repeat csec is making me feel better!

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ROFL @ DS pumping for you. Thats hilarious!

I'm so glad you are home! Smile It will definitely be an adjustment for everyone at first. Hang in there and get some rest whenever you can!

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Even if the first night was rough I bet it feels good to be back home. I have heard that recovery is much easier when they are scheduled. I didn't have too bad of a recovery with dd so this time should be a lot easier. I do worry about how difficult it will be to deal with the sleepless nights and a 4 year old that gets up between 6:30 and 7. I guess we will just figure it out as we go and make it work somehow.

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Sorry about the rough night! I hope you all get some Zs tonight. We need more pictures!

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Too cute about DS! Hope you get some sleep soon! Smile