frustrated and angry

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frustrated and angry

so I am still waiting and I am not happy or patient anymore.

did i mention i had the worst night sleep, and am now facing yet another night of no sleep???

I had a crapy day, only had like 5 or so contractions, and I ma sooo very uncomfortable, my mom has pissed me off, and i never imagined labor to be like this. And thank god the only person not getting on my nerves is Dh.

Is it possible i am missing contractions?? I thought after 4 cm dilation that active labor would start???

my back hurts my hips hurt, i feel baby way down there, I am still getting loads of mucusy discharge and yet nothing.

I know everyone is super excited, but they are not the ones in pain and uncomfortable!!!
it is getting really annoying at this point.

I keep getting told oh it will be soon, you lost your plug and are 100% effaced and at 4 cm that was yesterday, so "where is the baby?" still inside me.

I have no patients left at this point, I just want to sleep and i never want to go for a walk again. i am feeling really discouraged already adn so bored out of my mind.

IS there some thing wrong with my body???
stupid text book, answers.

send me prayers for strength.

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strength Chris! you could go at any time!

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I am so sorry you are having a hard time. I read this blog post earlier today and when I just read your post I thought of it. Maybe this will help? There is nothing wrong with you!!

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"jessica2575" wrote:

I am so sorry you are having a hard time. I read this blog post earlier today and when I just read your post I thought of it. Maybe this will help? There is nothing wrong with you!!

Thank you so much this made me feel tons better. I am trying my best to relax and just let things happen.

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I'm so sorry hun! I totally understanding not giving a sh!t about anyone else right now because I am the same way! I feel like smacking anyone who wants to complain around me!

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my labor has stalled again, i was having contractions every ten min from 230 am until 630 am then, i go t so tired i slept until 830 woke up to a very terrible one, had may be 6 at 6 min apart and was like yes this is it, better eat since i felt nauseous, the took a shower with Dh and they stopped completely again. so i took another nap, I am up at 1130 am and only had one while going pee. now i am once again just annoyed. Dh has been great, but now i want him to keep sleeping because he seems to be the only one that is actually any comfort. I want him rested for later if things ever progress.

Baby is moving fine, I am tired and hungry, but nothing sounds good. i just dont understand why baby won't come. I only seem to get contractions that i feel/ are painful in one particular position, sitting tailor/indian style or on the toilet.
This is not the labor i thought i would be having, I am still board out of my mind. I think we will go shopping just to get my mind off things.

I want to cry curse and scream. pleas kindly get the heck out of mommy.

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I am so sorry. Baby just is not ready to be here, I guess. I am so anxious for mine to come out and I am not even past due yet so I cannot imagine how I will feel in 2 weeks.

Read around on that blog, it is really great info and really has helped me to not beg (and I mean beg) for intervention. I hope that little one comes soon and that you have some relief. XOXOXO

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Oh hun, hang in there! :bighug:

I remember how rough it can be - and if you go late its even worse. lol. I promise you will feel much better soon, probably a day or 2 after birth. I was amazed how good I felt so quick! If you can go into labor naturally instead of being induced it is so much better. Hang in there.

Find ways to distract yourself from the discomfort! Try movies, tv shows, magazines, a good book, a craft or hobby, mani/pedi, heck even a big ice cream sundae! lol... Treat yourself and try to relax and before you know it you'll be holding baby. I know it seems like an ETERNITY right now.

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At my 39 week 2 days appt with baby #2, I was dialated 5 CM and had no idea, as I was only 1 CM at my appt the week prior and hadn't noticed a single contraction! So it can happen without you being the wiser! I had him the next day if that makes you feel any better!!