GD test and baby update

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GD test and baby update

Ok, so the test wasnt bad at all. tasted like orange soda, which i like! it didnt make me sick at all, WHEW! went upstairs after i drank it and had m checkup. I gained 2 lbs, thats 14 lbs total so far. BP 120/70 (which is lower than last time), she was upset with me cause my urine was dark and i should drink more. i was like um, its 8:15 am and i had my GD test. i avoided everything in prep for it LOL. she isnt too concerned with my headaches, probably hormonal she said. i asked if i would get to tour the maternity ward, answer: nope, they dont do that anymore. but she did give me directions on where to go when the time comes. OY VEY! Then i asked who would deliver, and my dr is part of a rotation, so i will get whoever is there at the time. THIS i didnt like! again, OY VEY! so she measured me, im perfect. she whipped out the dopplar and as soon as she touched my belly Kendra kicked ehr. it took her about 5 minutes to get the HB (150ish) cause kendra was going crazy in there! The comment was made that i "have a wild one in there" LOL, but she and pregnancy is going perfectly!

so at 28 weeks, they start making every 2 week appts. im 27, so i am scheduled for June 22nd which is in 3 weeks, then every 2 after that! YAYAYAYAYA for being in 3rd trimester Biggrin

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Glad you didn't have any problems with the test. Hopefully your results come back good.

And yay for a good appointment!

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yay for a good appointment! I didn't mind the first drink to much, but the three hour test was awful...... I hope you pass and don't have to worry with that one! Wink boooo for not getting a tour. that stinks. and my dr is part of a rotation too, so unless I have to have a c/section (scheduled of course) then I'll get who I get. Welcome to the third trimester club!

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Yeah to a good appt. I'm hoping you pass the GD. Kinda weird that they don't do hosp tours anymore. Mine does and we went a few weeks ago cause I wanted to go while I could still walk a bit. But, now they've moved it all to a different floor for remodeling. Haha, so I guess it doesn't really matter. Keep cooking that active one! Smile

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no fear, i WILL get my hospital tour, wether they invite me or not! Wink in the end, as long as the doctor what he/she is doing and can take care of me and Kendra, i guess im ok with it..i have no choice LOL

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i have to get a hospital tour cause they built a all new hospital last year.

Glad your appt went well.
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