Gift ideas?

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Gift ideas?

So my mom's BFF is driving in from Austin the weekend before my scheduled c-section so she can stay with my mom's 3 LO's.

My mom adopted her cousins 3 children in March of 03. Kylee who is now 7 and twins boys who are now 10. Long story but they were all sexually abused etc.

So her BFF is coming to stay with the kids so that my mom can come stay with me. She's also done so much for me so far, she's spent almost $300 on my so far (mom's BFF not my mom) and I want to thank her for everything she's done and for coming down to stay with the kids so my mom can be with me.

She has a lot of money, she doesn't work and literally buys herself whatever she wants but I'd like to get her a thank you gift. Any ideas??

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hmm how about looking on etsy for something personalized?

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What about something personalized, or something homemade or sentimental? If she has "everything" or can buy everything she wants, maybe try and find something more unique? Any stores near you that are more unique and one of a kind instead of chain stores?

Or, does she have any hobbies or interests you can incorporate into a gift? (ie a craft, something to do with a favorite animal or sport, etc).

Its great that you have such wonderful support from your mom and that SHE also has wonderful support too! Smile

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Maybe you could get the kids to take pictures of her and them while she's with them and then make a collage or something to that effect that would really be different and personal.

glad your family has support like that from someone.