Good news...finally

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Good news...finally

Had a follow-up appt with the perinatologist on wednesday to check my cervix and the cerclage......Wouldn't you know that it is working out wonderfully. My cervix is now measuring 3.58 which is very close to normal. Its still has a little funneling but hopefully that will close as time goes on. Dr says that its nothing to worry about.

Baby girl is doing well. Heartbeat was great. She is 1lb 8oz and measuring 24wks-right on target as I was 24wks 2days when I was at the appt. She wouldn't let us see her face AGAIN:(. She had her head smack up against the placenta. We could only see her nose and mouth. So no profile shot for DH.

The dr said that hopefully I can make it to 34wks without incident....which means the bedrest will continue:rolleyes:....but we will see when I go back in 2wks. S/N I am gonna try to post a belly shot later on. I will have to have DD take it when she gets in from school.

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So happy to hear everything is progressing well. Smile

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What a relief! I'm so glad it's working.

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Very Glad to hear the GOod News

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Oh that is wonderful news, I am glad you are doing well and baby, I can't wait to see more belly pics.

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That's wonderful! Keep up the good work, mama!

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im so glad to hear the good news!

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Glad you got some good news! Hopefully things just continue to improve.

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That's great news! I'm sure the bedrest is difficult. Hang in there!