Greetings From Notre Dame!

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Greetings From Notre Dame!

Quick Update ... Im now 3 cm dialated & they stripped my membranes to encourage labor; of course they didnt make any garauntees but they suggested walking and dtd tonight lol.

Hi Everyone!
I havent been on here in what seems like forever so I wanted to drop in and say Congratulations to everyone who has had thier baby or babies and send positive loving vibes to those of us (yes myself included) who are playing the waiting game. DH & I are all moved into our new apartment in Indiana. The move was pretty smooth but such a long process. Our house was packed up June 15th & then we had 2 weeks to clean for inspection with us sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor & living out of our suitcases pretty much. Because of the trash pick up we had to completely empty the house a few days before inspection & start staying at a friends house; we were there for about a week before we started using the government alloted "temporary leave allowance" and staying in a hotel in Waikiki for the last couple of days. We were allowed to have 8 pieces of luggage plus our carry on's; poor DH had to manage it all pretty much by himself so he would leave them with me and walk one or two at a time to the baggage check with me watching from a distance (to insure noone was taking them or God forbid putting drugs or explosives in them). The first flight was overnight and on a huge plane so I had no problem getting up and walking around. Only issue was being told by a male flight attendant that he could see I was not normal when I tried to get up and go to the bathroom before we were technically allowed to be up & unbuckled. Second flight was more cramped but not so bad. We arrived in Chicago & for the next 3 weeks I did a lot of traveling that made my doctors nervous. I was basically in Chicago for a week but we had to travel to Indiana to get keys to our apt & drop some stuff off & go meet my doctors group. The next week we went home to Pittsburgh for almost a full week stopping again in IN for another doc visit, and then in Ohio for a week with a side trip to IN for another doctors visit. We got a call while in OH that our household goods were ready to be delivered so we arranged for that to happen August 1st and we've been living here in IN since. Ive had a blast setting up our apartment & the nursery in particular; but now Im ready for the baby to come and am getting nervous as DH starts orientation tomorrow & class Monday! His intention is to miss as little school as possible (so basically only for the birth) I'll have some family support but it just makes me sad to think he'll be rushing off & not here bonding with us. Well Ive really got to get in the shower for my doc appt this afternoon ... hopefully they'll tell me go to the hospital! lol but I doubt it.

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Welcome back! That sounds like quite the journey! Glad you are all doing well. Good luck at your appt and make sure to let us know how it goes!

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WOW what an adventure. i hope all goes well for you today.

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Im tired just reading that! What a lot of traveling! Glad to hear you are settled in now and waiting for baby Smile