Grunting a lot

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Grunting a lot

Max seems to grunt a LOT. He never really cries with the grunting but he'll just randomly grunt a lot then stop all of a sudden. He only cries when he's hungry - could care less about a dirty diaper except whenwe actually change him. I don't remember if Alex did this or not when he was newborn. Is this normal? He'll stretch his legs out stiff as a board too sometimes but the grunting is never accompanied by cries of pain or anything.

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all 3 of my kids have been very "vocal" lol grunting....snorting...rooting sounds lol they are very noisey little critters. I was worried w/ my 1st but have found that's just what they do!

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lol Em does this too...sometimes we think it was a poop then realize it was just her grunting! Also the legs stretching out thing too. Sometimes her arms n legs do it at the same time and it looks like she has 4 feet because we put socks over her hands so she doesn't scratch herself Smile

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Calvin does this too. He also makes squeaking noises when hes sleeping sometimes, its so funny.

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Yep, add me to the noisy kids list! Lol
Grunts, coos, squeaks, even snoring lol.

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One of the twins does this.