Had my BIG Ultrasound

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Had my BIG Ultrasound

hi Ladies

We had the ultrasound yesterday and it was AWESOME!! Bean looks adorable. Has the sweetest face! Everything is wonderful, all checks out well and no markers for birth defects or downs syndrome (DH’s sister had downs). DH and I both looked away while the tech measured the belly and the legs. Bean had his/her legs scrunched up so a shot would have been easily viewed. So we abstained. Though I’m guessing it’s on the DVD so we could see if we went looking for it. it was just soo amazing to see Bean. So beautiful. The first thing I saw when the tech put the probe on my belly was that beating heart. It was such a wonderful sight. I guess I’d been holding my breath.
Oh so I’m measuring 19 weeks but the U/S doc (not the tech) looked at my early ultrasound the 6 week 5 day one which said I was due 8/25 and then with my period making me due 8/29 and then with me trying to do a VBAC he’s making the recommendation that we change my due date to 8/29 instead of the 23rd. I’m excited it gives me more days for baby to come on his/her own. Assuming baby turns around. right now Bean is breech.
Bean weighs 9oz.

i'm in TOTAL Love!!

just had to share.

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yippee for the Vbac! Glad everything looks good. Smile

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YAY! congrats on a healthy baby!

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Wonderful! It's got to be so hard not to look...I'm hoping we're as strong as you!

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Isaac was a sucessful VBAC, so i'm really hopeful to be able to do it again this time. so when the dates were iffy and i thought it might be sooner rather than later i was worried. My babies seem to come right at or with a few days of their due date. so 7 days earlier rather than later would have made it very likely a c/s scenario. Sad

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Hope you get that VBAC! It sounds like you have a great chance.
So glad everything looks great. It's always wonderful to see your LO.

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yippie for a great u/s. and you are WAY stronger than I am! I think it would be so much fun to wait, but I just can't! lol I too am hoping for another VBAC. I loved loved my last one. but if this placenta doesn't coperate it looks like another c/s Sad

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Thats great everything looked good! Sounds like you'll be able to get that vbac with the later date from the doc!

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YAY! im so happy for you! but i must say, i dont know how you did it not looking for gender. my big u/s is on friday and the first thing i will be looking for is a male part, or lack of of! I am so glad you bean is healthy!!

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Congrats on a great u/s!

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yay! Glad every this going great!!

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So happy for you, i am glad everything went well.

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How exciting! So glad everything is going well. Such will power not to look at the screen.

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Congrats! I do would not have been able to look away.

I hope you are able to successfully have a vbac. I considered it with this pg but I think we'll just go with another section.

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Congratulations on the super U/S.