Had my first dream about Alex.

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Had my first dream about Alex.

Well, I went into labor a bit early (I think a few days early) and had the most wonderful birth but it was in the hospital. He came out and was sooo beautiful but looked NOTHING like my other children, lol. It was funny, I saw my husband and me in him but all my other children have blonde hair and blue eyes (were all born that way, too) and he came out with a head FULL of dark hair (like me) and blue eyes and my DS kept saying, "It's not fair! I want dark hair like mommy, too!" (he says that all the time now b/c he is going through that stage of wanting to marry me and worships me, lol). He had DH's nose (both our other children have my nose) and he was colored more like me (light-olive toned). I remember I got to go home early b/c I asked if I could be discharged early and I felt fantastic! I remember driving in the dream and even (TMI!) passing a clot (GROSS!) and thinking I better stop off at my mom's instead of driving all the way home and having somebody else drive me and the kids home-- dunno where DH was. The crazy thing was, when we were at my mom's, Alex didn't look like a newborn anymore, lol, he went from like a newborn to a three month old-- and I had him forward facing (which I would NEVER do!). But it was a neat dream-- pretty far-fetched, lol, but neat.
Has anybody else had a dream about their LO?

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No but that is a neat dream. I wonder if any of it will end up being true.

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Aww very cool dream!

I had one a while back...probably around 18ish weeks. Where i saw the delivery, but when she came out, she was 6 months old! And was cooing already. And then it flashed to me picking out her clothes with my mom, and cleaning her room. And she looked way different that i would think! Makes me wonder if she will really look like that, or totally different. I remember she was so beautiful and precious, and never wanting to let her go! And dousing her in pink clothes of course! Smile

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Aww... that was kinda neat to read... I have had dreams about baby, but I dont remember them :confused:

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That's awesome. I've had only one dream about my LO but I can't remember it at all.