Had a terrible accident *update*

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Had a terrible accident *update*

Don't want to get into the whole traumitizing story but yesterday evening we had an accident in the kitchen that resulted in Calvin getting a terrible foot injury. We rushed him to the ER, after many hours of waiting and then 2 hours of surgery he ended up losing his middle toe. His other toes are a mess but the doctors are pretty confident that they will heal. We will just have to wait to see if the tendons heal back together, if not they will probably be able to go back in in the future to try to fix it or at least make something work. The worst thing is that it was my fault, a stupid careless mistake and Peyton was right there when it happened. She is doing good though. He is doing very well, sleeping a lot, eating well. Just trying to keep him comfortable. The surgeon wants to wait a few days to take the dressing off to see how its healing, so I will update then. In the meantime positive healing thoughts are welcome.

Monday update
The surgeon took off the dressing this morning and he is healing great, some of its already healed together and everything is all pink. the best thing is that he moved his big toe a bit while they were looking at it. Looks like he is going to heal just fine. What a long and awful weekend, we will be heading home soon luckily.

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Oh my goodness! Prayers going up for you guys.

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OH my Lisa! MY thoughts are with you & Calvin, thank God it was only a toe!

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I'm so sorry this happened. Sad (((huge hugs))) I will be thinking of you guys and I hope that he has the best outcome possible in the future with his foot.

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Oh my! Will def. keep you guys in prayer!

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Oh, Lisa, I am so sorry. I will keep you and Calvin in my thoughts and prayers. Try and be easy on yourself. :bigarmhug:

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Oh Lisa, that's horrible! I'm glad he's doing well. How are you doing, mama? I hope you're not beating yourself up about it. Accidents happen. Please keep us posted.

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I'm so sorry! Lots of prayers for you all. :bighug:

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I am so sorry. Please do not be too hard on yourself. I am thinking of you and sending good, healing vibes.

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Oh no, sending Bunch of healing Vibes.
Praying for him

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Oh Lisa! How terrifying! Please don't beat yourself up too much! I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers your way-- babies bounce back so quickly, I'm sure he will be fine!

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Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm glad he's doing well. Don't beat yourself up, accidents happens. Lots of prayers you and Calvin's way.

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I'm so sorry Lisa!! I hope Calvin is feeling better today and I hope you are taking care of yourself. I know you have probably heard it a ton but accidents happen and I hope you are ok too

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Tons of prayers!!!

I hope he heels quickly and I hope you aren't taking it too hard. Like others have said, accidents happen.

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Please dont be so hard on your self it was a mistake ... T&P are with you

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updated in first post

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So glad he's healing nicely. Babies are so incredibly resilient! Take it easy and get some rest after your ordeal.

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Yay! Glad he's healing fast. Babies do that... It's so amazing! KUP and try to relax. Get yourself a treat, and the kids too.

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OMG! Praying for you guys! Glad he is healing

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Im so happy your update seems so positive Smile Ill continue keeping him in my thoughts!