Hallelujah !

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Hallelujah !

I have my laptop back again! W00T! Yahoo

It took DH a bit to get it up and operational again - it needed a full reload and restore. So glad the harddrive finally came in. It's been a LONG 6 or 7 weeks since it died (Feb 26, right after my birthday lol). Its sooooo nice to sit on the couch after DS is in bed and surf on a laptop instead of my phone or the ipad.

So, I guess I will start up the QOTD again if people are interested?

Oh, and a random bonus... a more recent pic of DS than the one in my siggy... He loves carrot muffins!

And another ... I was working late so it was DH's turn to make dinner... Guess what he "made" for dinner?! lol...

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So nice to have your laptop back again! And lol, that's totally something my DH would "cook" for dinner.

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Love the pics!

I find Ipad's limited... glad your back to functional!

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Glad you have your computer back.

Great pics. He is a cutie.