having a hard time (long)

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having a hard time (long)

so I haven't been posting lately and i feel bad for ignoring things here, i try and just can't get past reading post.

here is what is going on

I had been worried about my dog buddy he is a boxer, and my first dog i raised from a puppy.
I made a vet appointment for Tuesday, and at first vet thought it was his spleen, then after the xrays we found out he has Heart disease, which is terminal. so vet put him on meds, but they made him worse, then we brought him back to vet Wednesday stopped the meds, then brought him back for a recheck yesterday, to be sure it wasn't his spleen, but when they ran the ecg,m he kept having arrhythmia's and had mild tachycardia. Vet spoke with cardiologist, and put buddy on 2 different meds, but he said just take him home and love him until the end, since he isn't suffering, his heart will probably stop in the night when God decides to take him. buddy is 8 years old he has a month until his his bday.

I am just so upset because not only is he my pet he is my baby, Buddy was also the only one who knew i was pregnant before i did, he started to listen and lay in my lap a week before i even found out. he has been a constant couch companion during my pregnancy and I don't feel like i can do this with out him. i have dreamed of my little baby growing up with my buddy, but now im not even sure my buddy will get to meet this baby he helped grow.

On the other hand i am worried to death about going into labor and not having my mom or Dh to take care of him because they are to concerned with me. Ofcorse no one will take care of him the way i do except my mom.

its just not fair, if you all don't recall i lost my cat Maxx on Christmas eve and now i will have to lose my sweet little buddy.

I go from trying to be happy and love him up to being really sad and crying, i know its not good for the baby but i can't help all the different emotions i feel.

I know i will get through this but i just don't feel prepared or excited about the baby right now.

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Im so sorry he's not well. Pets are a double edge sword to me... sooo loving, but I HATE losing them. Especially since they rely on us so much! Sad :bigarmhug: I hope he's not in pain, and I hope when he does pass you'll be comforted by your LO and memories of your time with Buddy. Do what you can for him when you can and he'll love you for it! Big hugs to you.

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Sad I'm so so so sorry....... I have a poodle mixand she is really my first child!!! I cry just at the thought....(((((hugs)))))

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I have a boxer too, she will be 10 this Nov and is slowing down. I'm so sorry you are having to go through loosing him right now...well really at all. I wish pets lived longer bc they become such an integral part of ur family and life that loosing them is so hard. I hope you are able to enjoy the time you have with Buddy and he goes peacefully.

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Oh Chris! :bighug:
A good friend had to put his old girl Lucy (a mixed terrier) down today so I totally know how you feel! We loved her like ours too! Its a sad day! I'm sorry you might be losing another pet. Its so hard when they go.

Pets really are a part of the family. I got our oldest cat for DH as a wedding present. I Dont know what we'll do when she goes (shes 8 now so hopefully not for a while).

:bighug: Its ok to feel all the different emotions you are feeling right now. Take time to say good bye and enjoy your time with him. Who knows, he just might stick around to see LO and then pass peacefully after that.

KUP when you feel up to it and keep lurking!! Smile

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Oh Chris, I am so sorry. We had to put down one of our dogs a few months ago, I think I posted about it. It was such a tough decision. He was in pain so that's why we decided to do it instead of letting him go naturally.

We still have Lola and she loves DS so much and DS loves her so much. She's a golden retriever mix and has been THE BEST dog ever with DS. I know when she goes it will be extremely hard on DS as well as all of us.

Like PP mentioned, just love her as much as possible and make sure she is comfortable until it's her time to go.

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:bigarmhug: I am so sorry you are going through this. I had to put my 4 year old pug down a few weeks ago, and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. But he had cancer, it wasn't curable, and he got so sick SO fast that we knew we couldn't let him suffer anymore.
He was my baby too.
I hope your Buddy isn't suffering, and with any luck he will be happy and give you lots of comfort right until the end. :bigarmhug: