Help - do I have it covered?

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Help - do I have it covered?

Ok gals, I need some help here. As most of you know, I'm staying 6 hours from home. DH is coming for another visit this weekend (and staying for dr appt Monday - woo hoo!). The week my sis was here almost all baby stuff went home to get nursery prepared. She brought back some clothes...but I needed more stuff so was skyping with DH last night through the nursery.

I know this seems early, but I really could have them at any time and am feeling the need to just be ready. If you can imagine what may possibly be needed for at least a week at "home" with your LO, but not actually at home, what would you need? Here is what I've thought of so far:

onesies (my sis is onesie queen, I have more than enough)
wipes (not nearly enough I don't think)
receiving blankets
small fuzzy blankets, like for their carseats
burp cloth
bottles I expect to get some from NICU
hope to be bf, if not, we can buy formula
breast pump
co-sleeper (to be used as pnp)
strollers if needed

What have I forgotten? Eek, these are the things I kinda freak out about. :confused:

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Sounds like you pretty much have everything covered except for maybe a few more wipes.

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Yep, babies really don't need as much as we feel like they do Smile Sounds like you have everything. The only thing I'd add is sleepers or gowns. I'm not a huge fan of onesies and pants, I just think it seems awfully uncomfortable to have a waistband pressing on their little bellies, plus I don't usually use onesies until after the cord stump falls off. Until then I use those lap shirts, they button so you don't have to struggle to get stuff over their little newborn heads either. Gowns make diaper changes super easy but I like sleepers too. Probably personal preference but something to think about Smile

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Thanks for the reminder about the shirts! We did get some as a gift so DH is looking to see if they are newborn size. With the onesies my sis did pack gowns, not sure about sleepers, but the gowns will work until we get home.

Also, I don't want ppl to think I don't think they will be in NICU. I'm aware they might be in there (depending on when they are born), but we will stay in Anch for about a week or so after they are released too. That's the time I need this coverage for. Smile

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Hey, it's not impossible they'll skip or have little NICU time Smile You're already 30 weeks and doing so well! If you can make it 5 more weeks they might get to come home with you. I'm pretty sure there was as set of take home triplets on a few years ago, they made it to 36 weeks if I'm remembering correctly. Yeah, sleepers or gowns will work especially just for the week.

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I agree with what others have said - you really dont "need" as much as you might think. Really the necessities are clothes and food and a safe place to sleep and a car seat for traveling.

Clothes - my preference (depending on where you are and what the weather is) was to just stick to either sleepers or onesies or wahtever you feel comfortable with. DS was born Aug 31, and honestly the first month he was mostly in just onesies and if we went out he had blankets on him. But it was still really warm so we never bothered with pants or socks those first days. little soft booties were enough for his feet.
You may (or may not) want hats for going out too.

Oh, and things like diapers/wipes/bottles you can always run out to the store or send a family member for you if you are stuck.

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just looking through posts and i saw yours the only thing i saw missing is mittens to put on their hands to keep form scratching their faces.... but other than that it looks like you have it covered good luck Smile

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do you have hats? if they are born a little early, they may need those to help regulate their temps.

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I think everyone on here has about covered it!

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*Lurker from Sept 11*

I think you have about everything covered, but I thought I would add that you might want a Boppy pillow or something similar.

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I think you sound pretty covered!! Good luck!