her first word

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her first word

Omg, Lilly said her first real word today and it was


Because its bath day, I was waiting on my mom to come and help me, since we bathe her on the kitchen counter in her bath tub, and Lilly is super squirmy and loves to play in her bath with her toys.

Anyway i was undressing her and she was reaching for the tub when she shreaked "BATH"

I turned to my mom and was like did she just say bath or baba, then she said it again and Dh heard her from the dining room where he was eating lunch before work, then he came over and she said it again clear as day "Bath".

I started to cry, It was so amazing.

I just had to share.

Who else is talking out there?

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Oh that is so adorable!!!!

DH swears he heard Evie say Mama.. but I didn't hear it. She's said it while babbling during a fussy period, but she's not really saying it yet, IMO.

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Alex is saying nothing, lol. We are lucky to get him to laugh, he's so serious. He babbles a little but he is a very quiet, serious baby. It's a treat for us to hear him laugh. Smile

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thats awesome! Eve's only babbling.

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Max is definitely going to be a talker but no words really. Too early for that I think. But he has been a noise maker since the word go. Plus he smiles ALL the time.

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Lilly has clean instead of dirty words! he he... so cute! Ben is not verbal yet... but I hope he says Momma first?!

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lol.. I am sure she will pick up dirty words some where.

I know i am going to be in trouble with her, once babies start talking they don't stop, she has been babling for quite some time now.

Don't worry ladies I am sure every lo will be using thier voices soon.

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Noel cries mama but I dont think he knows hes saying a word ya know? Once on the changing table while DH & I were in there together & talking to eachother Noel said "I need it" DH & I both turned to him at the same time & said You need what? (& of course both burst into giggles). Noel just looked at us like what? I didnt say anything. The other night while we were eating dinner & Noel was in his crib sleeping or so we thought. All of a sudden we heard "Hey Dad!". It was particularly funny because he had a bit of a southern drawl & we just happened to be watching Toddlers & Tiaras; it was also funny/sweet because Noel never says anything resembling Dad/daddy/dada.