Her hair

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Her hair

Many of you know that Natalie has a lot of hair. Well, unfortunately big sister decided to become a barber yesterday and cut chunks out of it. DH doesn't understand at all, but I was so sad. Most people won't notice, but I do and makes me so sad to see some of her pretty curls missing. DD1 also shortened her own hair as well. :mad:

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oh no! were you at least able to keep some of the curls for her baby book as her "first haircut"

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awww that to bad! Hopefully it grows back quickly, at least you will have a cute story for when the girls are older! I remember cutting my little sisters hair a few times, she was older and always willing though!

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Oh man!! Sorry! I've given DS all of his haircuts (starting at like 2 months...his hair was wild) and have had a few mishaps with the razor because he is so wiggly (mainly uneven spots on the back bottom hairline). Anyway, but I know from my first that a girl's hair is more sensitive for a mom so I can understand it making you sad Sad My DH wouldn't have understood either...for guys, they cut their hair like an inch and then a month later it's back so in their minds hair just grows back. :rolleyes:

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OHHHH..:-( No fun! It will be a story for when they are older... I know I tease my older sister about enough thats for sure! Smile