Ho hum :(

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Ho hum :(

...There may be others in the same boat too but I feel this is the hardest week for me in all of the pregnancy...

I'm so anxious and excited to have the baby now but I still have 3 or 4 days before she's due...and I'm behaving like she's late when she's not. Impatient Mummy, I am.

Sleeping less and less this week, my belly, oh MAN, is so itchy...itches like it never itched before...and I scratch but don't feel what I'm scratching since a small area around the belly button is kinda numb...so annoying a sensation it is, when trying to scratch an itch you can and can't feel...and then getting up every half hour to pee...

Also, for the ladies that have had their little bundles...what was it like in the last week for you? I'm noticing (tmi) extra discharge, wetness down there...sometimes I feel like I peed myself but then again, I'd know when that happens right?

Mood swings up and down too...particularly because I'm done waiting and baking...

MIL being a pain in the *** - oh boy, that's another story, a long one but won't get into it now, just got over being cranky this morning from lack of sleep, she'll just start me off again!

Here's hoping my bobo arrives Tuesday or not long before or after...

Good luck to other preggo's and congrats to all the new mummies, can't wait to join you!

Rant over.

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:bigarmhug: the good news is your almost done! Smile

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Try going a week OVER DUE!!!!

LOL :bighug: Yep its rough waiting. Seems like each day is a week!!!

The discharge and wetness sounds normal (I had it too) and if you get any bloody show thats usually a good thing, although for me it still meant another week... but at any rate I think everything you mentioned is normal. Hang in there, soon you'll have your baby!!!

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Hang in there. I know how much anticipation there can be toward the end!

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hang in there hon, I am right there with you due date buddy. I know what you mean about being done baking and done waiting.

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Soon...you will be done. I know the end is no fun (truthfully, I did not expect that myself) but we are almost there!!

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Ohhhh I know it can be the WORST.. esp. with mood swings... I would set yourself up for the long haul though so your not disappointed if the due date comes and goes. Sad Tell MIL to give you space! FO SURE! YOur little lady is coming though, not tooo much longer.

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You are almost done! But I totally know where you are coming from! Smile

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Aaaah, thanks ladies...I've just gotta be patient...and try and busy myself with things to do...like maybe take a 2 mile hike!

Actually...here in LA (Studio City)...there's an Italian restaurant that serves a salad that's pretty famed for having a dressing that puts preggo's into labour...a friend, knowing my plight got me some and I'm going to hers now to um, eat it lol

Will let you know if anything happens - if not, this baby girl is hanging tough! ahaha

I had one lonely contraction last night...so who knows...